5 Features Of Outdoor Motion Lighting

Homeowners purchase outdoor motion lighting because they’re looking for additional security for their home and/or they want energy efficient lighting options. Always forget to turn off that light on the back patio? Want to see the yard when you let the dog out at night (skunk problem?) or only have the lights come on when there are people in the yard? Outdoor motion lighting technology has come a long way and the selection might seem overwhelming, but the range of options allow you to purchase just enough light for what you need, where you need it. Here are five great features to look for when choosing outdoor motion lights.

1. Energy Efficient
Most homeowners choose outdoor motion lights to save on electricity. They forget to turn a light on, or off, and don’t want to leave a floodlight or pathway light on all night. There are now a variety of more energy efficient bulbs on the market as well such as outdoor LED lights and halogens.

2. Variety of Degrees and Distance Detected
Motion sensors vary in what range of degrees they will detect motion or heat (180, 100, 60, etc.). If the light is being mounted on a wall or in a dark corner, you may not need the motion sensor to have a large range of detection. How far away from the light do you want the sensor to detect motion? Whether you’re lighting a narrow pathway down the side of your house, a dark corner, or lighting the length of your driveway, there are outdoor motion lighting options available.

3. You Decide How Long The Light Stays On
Once motion has been detected, you can determine how long the light will stay on for. Many outdoor motion lights also come equipped with photocells so they don’t turn on during the day or with Dual Brite technology that offers dimmer light during dusk and dawn hours but full strength illumination at night for security.

4. Choose The Correct Wattage
Most outdoor motion lights allow you to switch out bulbs depending on your needs. You don’t want to annoy the neighbours, light up the street, or blind guests, but you do want to deter would-be thieves. You may want just enough light to remove the shadows and shed enough light for you to notice, but you may want the light to trigger other security features and bright light for a security camera is required.

5. You Decide How Sensitive The Light Is
Depending on your needs and where you install the lights, you may not want the light to pick up wind-blown leaves, or ignore your dog doing its business at night. Most lights will allow you to adjust the sensitivity, but if you’re looking for an especially sensitive light (you want it to trigger a security camera or alarm for instance) that may require additional technology and cost.

Contact your local outdoor lighting experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa to help determine the best lighting options for your unique needs. Looking for help to swap out the timer on your existing outdoor lighting for motion lights? We can help with that too.

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