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Fall Landscape Lighting Ideas
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Painting With Landscape Lighting
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Outdoor Lighting Project Lighting Up Your Trees
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7 Tips To Light Up Your Gardens
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Design Outdoor Lighting For Flexibility
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Moon Lighting
Whether youíre looking to light up your yard for security, a special occasion, or to extend your living space outside, the experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa are able to create a style thatís truly unique and suits your needs.......keep reading

Outdoor Lighting Design Tips For The Cottage
When it comes to outdoor lighting at the cottage, less is more. Many cottagers want modern conveniences, but they also want the peace, solitude, and view of the night sky........keep reading

4 Ways To Add Lighting To Your Patio
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Helpful Tips For Lighting Pools And Ponds
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Outdoor Lighting Lingo
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How To Pick A Motion Sensor
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Highlighting Architectural Details Of Your Home
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Avoid These Amateur Pathway Lighting Designs
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5 Outdoor Lighting Tips For Instant Curb Appeal
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5 Features Of Outdoor Motion Lighting
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2016 Hot Outdoor Lighting Trends
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Driveway Lighting Tips
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Spring Cleaning Your Outdoor Lighting
Spring is here and your outdoor lighting should receive the same attention as your gardens, patio, and home. This is an often overlooked task, and though it might only take you 10 or 15 minutes ...keep reading

LED Outdoor Lights Ė Not Just For Christmas
You want a beautiful yard where you can relax or entertain day or night, but you also want to be friendly to the environment and save on your electricity bill. ...keep reading

3 Essential Layers For Outdoor Lighting
Whether you want to entertain on weekends, create greater curb appeal, or provide a safe place for the teens to hang out after dark, layering your outdoor lighting allows for a variety of uses ...keep reading

DIY vs Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation
Are you a confident ‘DIY-er’? With the summer quickly approaching it’s time to start planning your outdoor spaces for entertaining, and what outdoor entertaining space is complete without lighting?...keep reading

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Winter
During the winter landscape lighting is more important than ever, especially in Ottawa where the days seem to get shorter and shorter. Come fall, it is crucial that you keep your property well-lit ...keep reading

Changing Your Landscape Lighting for Winter
As the fall season starts, the days are getting shorter, leaving you more time to enjoy your landscape lighting but perhaps you’ve noticed that certain areas that look great when lit in the spring ...keep reading

Lighting Fixtures – What Can I Expect from Landscape Lighting Ottawa?
There so many benefits to adding landscape lighting to your home or business. Besides giving it some pizazz, featuring unique architecture, beautiful gardens ...keep reading

Tips for Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting
Illuminating your home and yard at night is great for a few reasons – safety and security, extending the use of your yard after the sun sets and featuring unique and beautiful elements of your house ...keep reading

Setting Your Business Apart with Outdoor Lighting
Owning and operating a business means that you are constantly looking for ways to improve your company! You are kept busy ensuring the health and well-being of your employees ...keep reading

Landscape Lighting Ottawa: A Partner for 4 Seasons
Although Canadian summers can be short, a common misconception of landscape lighting is that most landscape lighting projects are designed to enhance your home during the perfectly ...keep reading

Top 5 Reasons to Install Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting provides your property with the added ambience it needs to set it apart. Whether residential or commercial professional landscape lighting has a plethora of advantages. ...keep reading

Illuminate Your Front Porch with Personality
Your front porch is one of the first things your guests, passers by, and neighbours notice about your beautiful home. What is your porch saying about you? ...keep reading

Landscape Lighting For Your Backyard Structures
In addition to your home, your landscaping and outdoor pathways and entranceways, your backyard likely has structures that you would like to illuminate, especially during the summer months ...keep reading

Stylish LED Landscape Lighting Options
For years you have been hearing that LED lights are better for your bank account and the environment, but do you know how they work? “LED” stands for “light emitting diodes.” Here’s how they work ...keep reading

Gorgeous Landscape Lighting Without The Light Pollution
When you hear the word pollution what comes to mind? Chances are you’re envisioning vehicle exhaust, smoke stacks, and smog. But did you know that your landscape lighting can also ...keep reading

Mood-Lighting for Your Backyard
Since Canadian winters seem to last forever and ever, it’s important to make the most of the nice weather. Many homeowners do this by extending living space to the outdoors. ...keep reading

Summer 2015 Outdoor Lighting Trends
Every summer, new trends emerge in the realm of outdoor landscape lighting. This summer, the theme is all about facilitating an outdoor living space. While landscape lighting has many benefits ...keep reading

Top 4 Landscape Lighting Fixtures – Which Are Best for Your Yard?
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Types of Landscape Lighting – Pros and Cons
You’ve decided it’s time to accentuate the beauty of your home and garden with landscape lighting, but where do you start? Not only do you have to think about design, but investigating the ...keep reading

Landscape Lighting – Why Hire a Pro?
You’ve spent money and time on making your yard beautiful, so why just enjoy it in the daytime? Landscape lighting not only allows you to enjoy the outdoors in the evening, but ...keep reading

Keeping the Night Bright: Landscape Lighting Maintenance
You’re sitting on your deck, drink in hand, enjoying the beauty of a summer’s evening in the soft glow of your landscape lighting. While your lights have been designed to tolerate the wind ...keep reading

Illuminate The Night: 6 Unique Outdoor Lighting Techniques
Your home is your castle and you have worked hard to keep it looking beautiful both inside and out. Instead of just admiring your perfectly manicured lawn and neatly trimmed bushes, or the ...keep reading

Go Green with LEDs from Landscape Lighting Ottawa
Spring has sprung, and it’s time to bring out the Ottawa outdoor lighting in order to make the most of the warm weather. One of the most important changes that many homeowners are making this ...keep reading

Secure Your Home with Landscape Lighting Ottawa
There are numerous reasons to install outdoor lighting, but one of the most important for homeowners is the security aspect. Landscape Lighting Ottawa can help keep your home safe ...keep reading

Bring the Moon to Your Landscape Lighting
There’s nothing more romantic than looking up at the moon on a warm and breezy spring evening. Have you ever wished you could bring the moon closer? ...keep reading

Bring Your Landscape Lighting Ottawa Back to Life this Spring
Spring is arriving and this means that your landscape lighting services are back in action. If you want to have great landscape lighting, then it’s better to start early. ...keep reading

Hop Into Spring with Landscape Lighting Ottawa
What was that noise? Did you hear it too? It can’t have been birds chirping! The middle of March is upon us and that means that spring is only a hair’s breadth away. ...keep reading

Doís and Doníts of Landscape Lighting
Whether you’re a seasoned or first time homeowner, knowing exactly how to place your outdoor lighting services in Ottawa can be tough. Landscape Lighting Ottawa wants to help you figure out ...keep reading

Winter Maintenance for Ottawa Landscape Lighting
Keeping your Ottawa landscape lighting sparkly and new doesn't end with the onslaught of winter weather. Winter maintenance involves some of the most important aspects of a good Landscape ...keep reading

Preparing Your Yard for Festive Lighting
Autumn is a busy time for residential landscape lighting. With Halloween quickly approaching, and Christmas following shortly after, you'll be doing everything you can to switch out holiday ...keep reading

Prepare Your Ottawa Landscape Lighting for Fall
The colour of the leaves is turning, days are shortening, and the temperatures are dropping dramatically. Fall is here and it's time to prepare your Ottawa landscape lighting for fall. ...keep reading

Invest in Landscape Lighting - Increase Your Home's Value
Even if you're not looking to sell your house any time soon, it's always a good to keep the value of your home in your thoughts. Investing in residential landscape lighting is a great way to boost ...keep reading

Fending Off Fido: Pet Friendly Landscape Lighting
Having a pet is like having a child. Yards, homes, and cars all need to be "pet-proofed" in order to ensure the safety of your dog or cat ...keep reading

Gain Attention Grabbing Gazebos with Landscape Lighting Ottawa
Gazebos are a unique, eye-grabbing feature of your yard – but only if you're letting them live up to their full potential. If your gazebo disappears once the street lamps are lit and the sun makes ...keep reading

Tricks of the Trade: Commercial vs. Residential Lighting
If you're both a homeowner and a business owner, it can get tough figuring out how to distinguish your outdoor lighting design. Despite the fact that both lighting schemes are looking for ...keep reading

How to Enhance Your Business's Curb Appeal
Don't let your business get lost at night. Enhance and illuminate your commercial curb appeal with Ottawa commercial landscape lighting. Perking up your business is easier than you think ...keep reading

Cut Back on Light Pollution with Landscape Lighting Ottawa
Light pollution is so common these days that it hardly seems possible that we'll ever see a clear sky in the city again. But does the state of sky affairs need to be so grim? ...keep reading

Turn Your Cottage into a Summer Sanctuary With Ottawa Landscape Lighting
You spend half of the warm season – or more – at your cottage, so why not light it up with proper residential outdoor lighting? Your cottage can benefit from Ottawa landscape lighting ...keep reading

Shine Light on Your Lawn with Proper Pruning
There's nothing more frustrating than installing the perfect landscape lighting services just to have them blocked by shrubbery. It's time to catch up on the pruning so your yard isn't in the dark. ...keep reading

Escape Suburbia with Ottawa Landscape Lighting
Your backyard should be your oasis. It should have a natural, relaxing ambience that lets you escape from the pollution and stress of city life. Fortunately, your Ottawa landscape lighting may be ...keep reading

Defusing the Floodlight: How to Gain Gorgeous Security Lighting
Many homeowners think that floodlights are the way to go if you want top security landscape lighting and safety. This urban myth could not be further from the truth ...keep reading

Fire Up Your Chimney with Ottawa Landscape Lighting
So few homes have chimneys these days that when a chimney on a house is lit up in the night, the curb appeal of that home instantly increases. ...keep reading

3 Reasons to Light Up Your Lawn
Every homeowner has a different reason for wanting to light up his or her home with outdoor lighting. Regardless of the variety of specific advantages, there are generally 3 main benefits ...keep reading

Perfect Your Pond With Landscape Lighting
The beauty of your pond doesn't have to fade with the sun. Outdoor lighting will allow you to continue enjoying your aquatic oasis when the natural light goes down. ...keep reading

How to Uniquely Illuminate Your Patio
It can be difficult to light up a patio in a unique way that displays the personality of the homeowner. Your Ottawa landscape lighting will be limited to how your patio is designed and landscaped ...keep reading

Illuminate Your Flowerbeds After Dusk
During the day, your flowerbeds are a beautiful burst of colour and spirit to amplify the welcoming atmosphere of your home. Why lose this after the sun retreats to slumber? ...keep reading

LEDs: Longevity, Efficiency, Durability
With the push toward environmentally friendly, energy saving landscape lighting, you may be wondering how these practices can benefit you. ...keep reading

Secure Your Home With Ottawa Landscape Lighting
One of the myriad benefits of Ottawa landscape lighting is that it works beautifully to dissuade trespassers from entering your property. Security is often one of the first things we think about ...keep reading

5 Tips to Maintain Your Landscape Lighting this Spring
With spring in the air, the warming March sun isn't the only thing lighting your lawn. In this bright new season, your landscape lighting will need a little extra maintenance to avoid damage. ...keep reading

Spectacular Springtime Outdoor Lighting in Ottawa
Spring is in the air, and nature is bringing out its brightest blossoms. It's time to let your yard shine just as bright and beautiful as nature with outdoor lighting services in Ottawa. ...keep reading

Transform Your Trees With Ottawa Outdoor Lighting
Trees play an important role in any landscape design. From the placement to the pruning, trees add dimension, depth, and drama to a yard. And that’s just during the day! ...keep reading

10 Reasons to Invest in Ottawa Landscape Lighting
There are many reasons to invest in landscape lighting for your Ottawa home. From safety to aesthetics, here are 10 of the best reasons to contact our Ottawa landscape lighting experts ...keep reading

Beautify Your Backyard with Landscape Lighting
We've all seen spectacular photos of landscape lighting designs on the front of homes and properties. But what about backyard lighting ideas? Is landscape lighting reserved only for front doors ...keep reading

How to Properly Light Pathways
Add beauty and security to your Ottawa home with a dramatic path lighting system from Nutri-Lawn Landscape Lighting. ...keep reading

Painting with Landscape Lighting in Ottawa
Landscape lighting isn't just about the installation of fixtures and the positioning of bulbs. At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, our landscape lighting experts do more than simply light up the night ...keep reading

10 Ways to Accentuate Your Ottawa Property with Outdoor Lighting
You've invested in a beautiful home here in Ottawa. What's more, you've hired our landscaping company to maintain the grounds and keep your lawn looking lush ....keep reading

De-bugging Your Ottawa Landscape Lighting System
So, you've just had your Ottawa landscape lighting system installed and you're ready to start enjoying your night time oasis. After the guests arrive, you linger over an outdoor meal and relax ...keep reading

Avoid Polluting With Your Ottawa Landscape Lighting
Adding an Ottawa landscape lighting system to your home is a wonderful way to enhance your property and get the most out of those warm summer nights. But there can be a dark side ...keep reading

Night Lighting Tips For Your Flower Garden
After putting so much work into making your flower garden beautiful, you'll want to make sure you can enjoy your hard work even at night.  Knowing how to light up your garden at night can be tough ...keep reading

Landscape Lighting Tips for Your Ottawa Business
Nothing says, "welcome to our business" like professional landscape lighting.  Illuminating your business's façade is a great way to bring in clientele, and show that you care about your ...keep reading

The Highlights of Low Voltage Ottawa Outdoor Lighting
Here's a scenario for the budget-conscious: Let's say you're in the market for a new vehicle. You shop around; searching for a car that looks good in the driveway but that also meets your ...keep reading

Know Before You Glow: Questions to Ask Ottawa Landscape Lighting Companies
Of all the home improvement services that you may have contracted in the past – from drywall installers to roofers to landscapers – surely the easiest task is hiring someone to point a bunch of ...keep reading

How Our Ottawa Landscape Lighting Service Can Brighten Up Your Home in Winter
Many people consider landscape lighting to be a seasonal extravagance, and they couldn’t be more wrong.  Outdoor lighting is an investment in the security and aesthetics of your home ...keep reading

How To Prevent Damage To Your Ottawa Outdoor Lighting Systems
Not only is landscape lighting pleasing to the eye, it also showcases the beauty of your house and yard well after the sun has set.  ...keep reading

Light the Way: Include the Driveway and Paths in Your Ottawa Outdoor Lighting Plans
Designing a varied and attractive landscape around your property can immensely improve the appeal of your home in the daylight hours. At night, without some kind of architectural or landscape lighting, all of those gorgeous enhancements are lost.
...keep reading

8 Ottawa Outdoor Landscape Lighting Mistakes to Avoid
Have you ever seen a really nice home sitting in the middle of a well-designed property, blazing a beam into the night sky like a bunch of Hollywood search lights? ...keep reading

The Night-time Elegance of Combined Lighting Styles
In every season, residents of this city love spending time outdoors. They put a great deal of time and effort into beautifying open spaces with complementary landscaping and architectural structures that make the most of the natural surroundings.. ...keep reading

A Home That Glows With Ottawa Landscape Lighting
You've seen those wonderful photos before; the ones filled with homes that are handsome enough in the daylight, contrasted with spectacular night-time shots of the same home stunningly illuminated against a backdrop of darkness. ...keep reading

Landscape Lighting Service Techniques
If you’re looking to enhance the look of your home, you may be interested in a landscape lighting service for your front yard.  ...keep reading

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