Tricks of the Trade: Commercial vs. Residential Lighting

If you're both a homeowner and a business owner, it can get tough figuring out how to distinguish your outdoor lighting design. Despite the fact that both lighting schemes are looking for the same things – security, safety, aesthetics – it's important to have slight variations in how you light a commercial property in comparison to a private property. Landscape Lighting Ottawa wants to help you differentiate your commercial lighting design and your residential outdoor lighting. Read on for our tips to learn how to light up your home and business effectively.

Brightness of lighting
The first difference between commercial lighting services and residential outdoor lighting is the brightness of the fixtures. This quality is one of the more important distinctions to make when lighting either property.

Residential outdoor lighting tries for warm, welcoming ambience. For this type of property, you want to stick with subtle, softer glows to create a comforting feeling. When you're out in the yard after dusk, you don't want bright lights shining in your face.

Commercial lighting services, on the other hand, need a bit of a brighter light. The point of these Ottawa outdoor lighting services is to draw in the eye of prospective customers and clients. Commercial property owners also want to amp up the brightness to ensure the security of their business.

Path lighting
Safety concerns are paramount for commercial properties. If a pedestrian hurts his or herself on your business's property because of poorly lit pathways and stairs, you're liable. Safety is important no matter what property you're on, but unsafe measures at your commercial property can have expensive consequences.

When you're illuminating your commercial property's pathways and stairs, make sure you use enough fixtures to light every step and crack in the pavement. If you're lighting along a wide set of stairs, make sure to have fixtures on both sides, and possibly down the center.

If you're planning for residential outdoor lighting, you don't have as strict rules. Of course you want to maintain your safety, but you can have some fun with it. Most of the people visiting or walking around your home are familiar with the property. You can conceal your outdoor lighting within bushes, or even have pathway lighting shining down from in a tree.

Coloured lights
Landscape Lighting Ottawa sometimes recommends using coloured lights on certain aspects of the yard. The pool, for instance, can look natural or dramatic, depending on the colour added.

Most often, coloured lighting is best used in residential outdoor lighting. When you're thinking of commercial lighting options, it's generally best to stick to whites and light ambers to maintain a clean and professional aesthetic.

But there are always exceptions! Depending on your property and type of business, it may be appropriate for you to add in a splash of colour. That's where a Landscape Lighting Ottawa professional comes in handy. Receive your complimentary estimate on Ottawa outdoor lighting services today to begin creating the perfect lighting design for your home or business.





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