Patio and Deck Lighting Ideas

There are a lot of choices available now in outdoor lighting that can enhance and accommodate a variety of design styles. Whether you have a large patio that leads to a pool or a more modest deck, you want to be able to enjoy these spaces after the sun goes down. The latest trends in outdoor lighting attempt to make the outdoors feel like the indoors using fixtures that look similar, but are built to stand up to the elements.

Porch Lighting

Start with the basics. You need safety lighting around sliding doors, stairs and other level changes, and pathways. Even simple fixtures can add ambiance and improve aesthetics while providing safety. Lights on pillars or posts or on the house next to a doorway are an easy way to tip your toes in outdoor lighting. This type of lighting really should be a minimum.


What landscaping elements surround your deck or patio? Is there a tree that would spectacular lit up with some string lights or up lights at night? Is there a tall tree where moonlighting could be placed high up to shine down on the space and provide a more organic source of light? Is there a garden, fountain, pond, or other design element you want to highlight? Do you have a sculpted bush or even a potted plant that would cast fantastic shadows and provide the desired ambiance?

One of these elements may become the focal point for your outdoor lighting design.

Architectural Elements

What aspects of the exterior of your home could be highlighted? Do you have a textured fašade? Pillars or posts that can draw the eye up or provide additional layering to your lighting design? Make sure to consider any features like a gazebo, arbour, trellis or pergola that might be pleasing at night. String lights, up lights, and even fixtures flush with a floor or post can really add some character and create a visual focal point.

The Final Layer

Finally, add the finishing touches to your deck or patio by looking areas where a splash of light will be needed for a task (reading, eating, cooking). Lights under benches or railings look amazing at night and add light without overpowering the other elements already discussed. There are a variety of pendant lights now on the market that are mostly or fully weather-proof. Fixtures that can be moved are also a popular design trend.

Convert To LED

If you have older outdoor lighting or have moved into a home with an existing system, you can update the fixtures and convert them to LED. LED lights are more versatile, last longer, and are more energy efficient which saves you money but also frees up room on the transformer for more or different lighting options.

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