Preparing Your Yard for Festive Lighting

Autumn is a busy time for residential landscape lighting. With Halloween quickly approaching, and Christmas following shortly after, you'll be doing everything you can to switch out holiday lighting to keep up with the season. But before you do, there are some things that you'll want to know about matching your Ottawa holiday lighting with your residential landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Ottawa can help. We want to see your home at its best, so that's why we've compiled a little list of tips to help your property look spooky enough for Halloween, before becoming a bright winter wonderland for the Christmas holidays. After all, there's nothing more beautiful than coming home to a well-lit house as the days slowly begin to shorten and darken. Keep up your cheer this fall and winter with Ottawa holiday lighting tips from Landscape Lighting Ottawa.

Remember voltage
When plugging in all your lights and decorations, make sure that your outlets can handle the required wattage. Remember to combine the watts from your Ottawa holiday lighting with those of your residential landscape lighting to get an accurate calculation. The last thing you want around Halloween or Christmas is for your breaker to blow. A Landscape Lighting Ottawa professional can help you figure out if you're adding too much pressure to your electrical system.

Less is more
When you're adding Ottawa holiday lighting to a home that already has residential landscape lighting, remember that less is always more. You may even need to turn off a couple of your Landscape Lighting Ottawa fixtures to avoid over-powering your holiday lights. For instance, if you're adding colourful lights to a tree for the holidays, you'll probably want to temporarily remove or turn off any down lighting or up lighting that is on the tree. You don't want your yard to look conflicting or overdone.

Think LED
If you already have LED residential landscape lighting, we applaud you. At Landscape Lighting Ottawa, we highly recommend this eco-friendly form of lighting for your lawn. If you want to go one step further, think of LED holiday lights as well.

It's a simple step to go through your light fixtures and replace the bulbs with LEDs. For any strings of light that aren't LEDs, replace them with their energy-efficient counterparts. This may require an initial investment, but the efficiency of these bulbs can save you significant amounts of money in the long run.

As an added bonus, these lights also reduce the amount of wattage used. This means that you have less of a chance of blowing a fuse or breaker. In fact, conventional bulbs can use as many as 10 watts of power, while the LED lights use only 1.

Use timers
Keep your lights on timers. You probably already have your residential landscape lighting on a timer, and now is the season to do the same with your Ottawa holiday lighting. If you want lights on throughout the night for safety, choose either your landscape lighting or your holiday lights. As holiday lights are likely using less wattage and electricity, choose these. Set the landscape lighting at an earlier time to turn off, and your holiday lights to turn off a little before dawn.

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