10 Ways to Accentuate Your Ottawa Property with Outdoor Lighting

You've invested in a beautiful home here in Ottawa. What's more, you've hired our landscaping company to maintain the grounds and keep your lawn looking lush. During the day, your property is the envy of the neighbourhood. So why are you content to let your home fade into the background once the sun sets?

Outdoor lighting is an affordable and effective way to (literally!) shine a light on your Ottawa investment. Not only is it an effective safety and security measure, it's always a sophisticated way to highlight some of your property's finest features. From fountains to flowers, porches to peaks, our outdoor lighting fixtures can be incorporated into a holistic lighting design that's bound to take your breath away.

Whether you live on an illustrious estate or a modest suburban plot of land, our outdoor lighting Ottawa designers can turn your yard into a dazzling canvas filled with depth, drama, and delightful light.

Curious as to how our outdoor lighting designers do it? Here's just a sampling of some of the lighting techniques that we've incorporated into recent lighting designs:

1. Up-lighting

Our Ottawa outdoor landscape lighting experts use this technique to illuminate eye-catching architectural and landscape elements. Through the use of ground-level fixtures, we've successfully illuminated trees, fountains, columns and porticos.

2. Path Lighting

Illuminate walkways and paths in an elegant manner using our sophisticated range of path lighting options. A few strategically placed lights is all it takes to enhance not only the look of your paths but also improve the overall safety and security of your property.

3. Step Lighting

As with path lighting, step lighting helps increase the visibility and safety of stairs and steps throughout your property.

4. Area Lighting

Our outdoor landscape lighting experts have used this technique to illuminate large areas, including lawns, gardens, and children's play areas. A simple technique, area lighting illuminates a large space without accentuating any specific item.

5. Wash Lighting

This technique is best used on textured walls. A great way to highlight stucco or brick, wash lighting adds a pop of light in an unexpected manner.

6. Security Lighting

Functional lighting doesn't have to lack flare. Our Ottawa outdoor lighting designers can incorporate security lighting into your design that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical.

7. Water Feature Lighting

Adding lighting to water features – be it a pond, waterfall, or fountain – is a great way to add movement and dimension to your lighting design. Our Ottawa outdoor lighting experts have used lighting techniques to highlight underwater objects as well as design elements surrounding water features.

8. Spotlighting

Shine a light on a specific item on your property with strategically placed spotlights. We recommend highlighting trees, flags, statues, or any other unique architectural feature on your property.

9. Shadowing

The addition of a few simple silhouettes can have an immediate impact on your landscape. Let our Ottawa outdoor lighting experts use this technique to accentuate the shape of unique features on your property.

10. Moon Lighting

Mimic Mother Nature's greatest night lighting source with this inspired lighting technique. Our lighting experts use this tactic to create a soft and subtle glow in treed areas.

Bathe your Ottawa property in beautiful light with help from the outdoor lighting experts at Nutri-Lawn. Our landscape lighting department will work with you to highlight all of your property's unique aspects. Our talented team of experienced lighting experts will handle all aspects of your lighting project, including the design, installation, and maintenance of your system.

Contact our lighting team today to book an onsite consultation and lighting critique.

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