Spectacular Springtime Outdoor Lighting in Ottawa

Spring is in the air, and nature is bringing out its brightest blossoms. It's time to let your yard shine just as bright and beautiful as nature with outdoor lighting services in Ottawa.  With spring on its way, you may not have realized that you can easily change your outdoor lighting to suit the seasons. However, shifting around your outdoor lighting to accentuate seasonal aspects of your lawn is a gorgeous way to highlight your home. Landscape Lighting Ottawa has some tips to get you started.

Use Warm Outdoor Lighting in Ottawa
As the winter ends, you want to ring in the warmth and sunshine with brighter outdoor lighting. While blues and whites are perfect for winter accents, spring calls for brighter ambers and greens.

Green lights are used to accent foliage and trees in order to provide a greater burst of colour to your new buds. Coloured outdoor lighting services in Ottawa create gorgeous silhouettes in shrubbery, particularly against walls and among treetop foliage. Be sure to use soft green lighting to accent and highlight, and to avoid an unnatural appearance.

Warm ambers in your outdoor lighting in Ottawa are ideal for offering a touch of spring after sunset. These yellow tones look spectacular against walls, porches, pathways, and decks to bring an atmosphere of joy to your home. However, you'll want to avoid amber tones against foliage, or other blossoms in your lawn. The mixture of colours can make your plants look sickly, rather than bright and cheerful.

Don't be Afraid of Colour
Using colours other than amber, green, or blue offers a spectacular palette against your new blooms. Outdoor lighting can be enhanced when you use the colours in your garden in the colours of your light tones. If you have red tulips in your garden, why not use red tones as a backsplash or under-lighting to emphasize to your visitors how brilliant your flowers are?

Accentuate Water with Landscape Lighting Ottawa
Blue outdoor lighting can be used to accent water features in your landscaping. Now that your water flows free without threat of freezing over, add in blue or subtle amber tones. These will provide a glowing affect that is extraordinarily visually appealing.

To light a waterfall in particular, position the fixture so that it shines up from the bottom of the cascade. This will create a magical effect when the water bubbles up. Make sure to light evenly across the bottom of the fall to avoid patchy illumination. One fixture to light up the entire cascade is not likely to be enough.

Use Landscape Lighting Ottawa to Brighten your Patio
Now that spring is coming, your deck and patio will begin to look very inviting, but not without proper illumination. Emphasize and expand the practicality of your patio with outdoor lighting.

Use soft amber lighting along the edge of your patio or deck to outline it for safety's sake, as well as for ambience. Pendant lighting that hangs over your deck offers a gorgeous setting as well as practicality so that you aren't forced inside on a temperate spring evening.

Don't let the seasons pass you by. Get your complimentary quote from Landscape Lighting Ottawa from Nutri-Lawn today!


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