Moon Lighting

Whether you’re looking to light up your yard for security, a special occasion, or to extend your living space outside, the experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa are able to create a style that’s truly unique and suits your needs.

One of the hottest outdoor lighting trends this year, and in fact for a few years now, is moon lighting. Moon lighting mimics the effect of natural moon light, but allows you to enjoy it no matter what the phase of the moon or cloud cover offers on a particular evening. This natural soft light creates a warm, low-key, romantic ambiance that lends itself well to either relaxing or a summer evening soiree.

Moon lighting is created by placing spotlights high up in large trees and shining light down through the foliage. The natural shadows created with this effect, that catch the subtle sway and movement of the branches and leaves, casts light similar to the effect of a bright full moon. Whether your intent is to light the patio, or create depth in the yard, moon lighting might just be the thing that sets your yard apart from all your neighbours.

Romantic and even whimsical, moon lighting can create an otherworldly effect right in the heart of the city on your back deck. Fixtures are placed high up in the foliage and remain hidden even during the day. Moon lights can be placed on timers like any other outdoor lighting, and using LED technology means the increase on your hydro bill will be minimal.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if considering adding moon lighting to your outdoor lighting.

  • Lights placed 20 – 30 feet high in the tree and close to the trunk will create more shadows and have a softer light. This allows for the light to cast sufficient shadows on the ground below to create a natural effect and hide the fixtures during the day.

  • Lights placed near the edge of the canopy and closer to the ground will case fewer shadows and be brighter.

  • Natural moonlight is not very bright, about .01 foot candles while the spotlight fixtures often used for moon lighting will cast 2-3 foot candles. Use 4 or 6 watt LED lamps with a wide beam and perhaps a frosted lens to more closely mimic the moon’s natural light.

  • Allow room for the tree to grow. Outdoor lighting is typically installed to last, but a tree will grow around wires and fixtures that are fixed too closely to the bark. Replacing the system because a wire is pinched and now embedded in a tree is a costly fix not to mention the damage to the tree.

  • You can have your moon lighting placed on a timer just like the rest of your outdoor lighting.

We would be happy to answer any of your outdoor lighting questions or help you design a truly unique lighting plan for your home or business. Contact our lighting experts to learn more about our lighting services or view our gallery of one-of-a-kind designs.

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