Will Landscape Lighting Increase My Home’s Value?

When you went shopping for your current home, did you drive by it first? Your home’s curb appeal was your first impression, and if you’re planning to sell your home or property, chances are good prospective buyers will do this as well. How will your home stack up against the others on your street?

It’s estimated that landscape lighting will increase the value of your home by up to 20% when it’s part of an overall landscape plan that could include a well-cared for lawn, a patio or deck, fences, garden paths, outdoor kitchens, and attractive mostly-maintenance free gardens. Whether you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years or not, our experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa have put together a few tips on how to improve the overall curb appeal of your home with landscape lighting.

How Will You Use The Yard?

Before you consider how much to spend on landscape lighting and how much of a return you’ll see on that investment, consider how you’ll use the space. Personal enjoyment should be the first consideration. Is your yard a backyard “cottage”? Is this a space where you spend your evenings and weekends and want a space to relax in? Is this a space where you primarily entertain? What adds value to you? Start there.

Where Do You Live?

Landscape lighting is expected on some streets and hardly seen on others. If every other home on your street has landscape lighting, you’d be wise to invest just so your house fits in with the other homes on the street. If not many homes on your street have landscape lighting, it’s a great way to have your house stand out among all the others.

Best Features To Light Up At Night?

A front door is one of the best home improvements you can make in terms of curb appeal, so making sure the front entrance is lit in a welcoming way is important. Highlighting an interesting façade, walkways, lawns or other features look great from the street. You want the house to stand out on a dark night and feel inviting. Our experts can help create a design that fits with your home and your needs so prospective buyers will never face the runway effect on pathways or your driveway. Pillars and posts with lights are a great choice because they are aesthetically pleasing at night and during the day.

Trees are stunning features and mature trees always add value to a home so highlight that in your landscape lighting design. Whether you use up lighting and highlight the trunk and foliage, use downlighting to mimic moonlight, lighting a tree creates a focal point and gives a warm welcoming atmosphere to your front or back yard.

Which Fixtures Should I Choose?

Choose classic fixtures and finishes won’t look dated over time. Classic materials stay on the market longer, so a buyer looking to add to what you’ve started will be assured of finding more pieces to add their own mark on the landscape if they want to.

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