Helpful Tips For Lighting Pools And Ponds

Ponds and pools are often a homeowner’s favourite features of their yard so it makes sense to add some outdoor lighting so you can enjoy those spaces after the sun goes down. Whether you’re hosting parties or just want a relaxing environment to unwind, lighting your pond or pool will never leave you disappointed if you hire the experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa.

A pond or pool helps draw the eye from the patio into the yard. The lighting can be both functional and provide safety as well as create atmosphere or add ambiance to the overall feel of the space.

Pool Lighting Tips
The days of the two large lights in a pool at each end are slowly fading with advances in technology. The large incandescent lights are the cheapest to install, but they use more electricity and replacement parts are pricey. LED and Fiber Optic lights are more expensive initially, but are cheap to run, easy to maintain, and last longer. The latter also come with the added bonus of additional colours or even programming for light shows and other visual effects.

When choosing a light colour for your pool, keep the colour of the pool liner in mind. Light surfaces tend to reflect light while darker colours absorb light.

Don’t ignore the area surrounding the pool. Consider adding softer lighting to the surrounding deck, patio, pathway or other landscaping details. This helps with safety and attracts the bugs away from the pool where you want to hang out undisturbed.

Pond Lighting Tips
The two ways to light a pond or pond feature is either underwater or the exterior of the pond. Many homeowners focus on underwater lighting at the expense of lighting the surroundings and this is a case where a little goes a long way.

Underwater lights are great at creating focal points with waterfalls or other similar features. Keep in mind that installing underwater lights will detract from having moonlight shine on the pond. Underwater lights are best used with water that will remain clear. Murky water results in dim lighting which is typically not the desired effect. Lights placed at the bottom of the pond shining up provide a shimmering effect on the surface many enjoy.

Use softer white lights around the pond to allow the pond surface to glow. Solar lights can be a little unpredictable (for safety reasons) so you may want to have an electrical backup, but these lights are softer and provide a more subtle lighting option.

Lastly, when considering light fixtures that will either be submerged or in constant contact with water (splashed from a waterfall), use solid brass fixtures from a trusted source like Landscape Lighting Ottawa. Fixtures that aren’t water tight or water tight for very long, in the long run will end up being a waste of money. Save yourself the expense and headache of replacing cheaper fixtures that just won’t last or leave you disappointed with the end result.

We’d love the opportunity to answer your outdoor lighting questions. Let Landscape Lighting Ottawa help you design a truly unique lighting plan.Contact our landscape lighting experts to learn more about our lighting services or to view our gallery of one-of-a-kind designs.

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