Lighting Fixtures What Can I Expect from Landscape Lighting Ottawa?

There so many benefits to adding landscape lighting to your home or business. Besides giving it some pizazz, featuring unique architecture, beautiful gardens, or highlighting your business brand, landscape lighting also provides added security and value to your home or commercial building.

Because of all these benefits, it’s important to find a landscape lighting company who has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best service and product possible, including when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures.

So what can you expect from Landscape Lighting Ottawa?

Landscape Lighting Ottawa uses the highest quality fixtures, transformers and wiring to ensure that the product is low-maintenance and long-lasting for their customers. They stand behind their products and offer a comprehensive performance warranty to ensure utmost satisfaction from their customers.

Design & Functionality
With the fixtures offered by Landscape Lighting Ottawa, while a high quality product is important, the products also have to be functional and frankly, look good! Because their professionals come to your home or business to design a great system, specifically for the needs of their clients, they provide lighting fixtures which serve many purposes:

Path Lights/Area Lights
These lights often look like a small lamp and shade and are contemporarily designed with clean lines to illuminate walkways, paths or the edge of garden beds. Powerful enough to increase safety and avoid people tripping or falling on your property, they are discreet enough so that the light is all you see – not the fixture.

Spot Lights/ Uplights
These directional lights are perfect for highlighting specific features of your property, whether it’s a sign or large unique garden feature like a fountain or tree. Also called above-ground well lights, they shine from the ground up, but can be small enough so the light itself isn’t the focus.

Uplights also fall into the spot light category, but they provide a more focused beam, used to highlight specific individual features of your home or garden.

In-Ground Well Lights
Since these sophisticated well lights are lower in the ground, they are easy to camouflage, and all you see is the beam of soft light. They provide a grazing effect so they are great for security installations at both commercial and residential properties.

Wash Lights
While spot lights are used for specific lighting, wash lights provide more ambiance while still providing efficient lighting. From the ground up, their light softly and smoothly washes your property in light, but without that annoying glare. Landscape Lighting Ottawa’s fixtures are able to accommodate two types of bulbs to provide more creativity and flexibility. Wash lights are also available in a mini size which are perfect for installing on second stories of buildings, illuminating vertical details or retaining walls.

Down Lights
While many lights shine from the ground up, these popular fixtures are versatile and can be used to light an entry-way, path or feature unique details of your home.

Whatever your outdoor lighting needs are, the professionals at Landscape Lighting Ottawa are fully equipped to handle the job!


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