Painting with Landscape Lighting in Ottawa

Landscape lighting isn't just about the installation of fixtures and the positioning of bulbs. At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, our landscape lighting experts do more than simply light up the night; our landscape lighting designs set the stage for outdoor events, romantic evenings, and unforgettable get togethers. To put it in a more poetic manner, our landscape lighting in Ottawa experts are light artists, painting the night with illuminating strokes of light.

A soft and subtle way to turn up the drama of your Ottawa property, landscape lighting showcases your property in a unique and breathtaking manner. From strategically placed spotlights, to soft downlighting, the art of landscape lighting hinges on finding ways to evoke an emotional response, not just from the homeowner, but also from neighbouring residents and visitors.

Crafting the perfect landscape lighting in Ottawa experience takes time, experience, and a certain artistic flare. Let our landscape lighting designers show you how!

The Five Principles of Landscape Lighting in Ottawa
The best landscape lighting designs don't just illuminate the night, they manage to portray an artistic expression. With that being said, light can be used to portray many different moods. For instance, you can immediately enhance the intimacy of your patio through the use of soft, subdued lighting.

At Nutri-Lawn, we rely on five basic principles of lighting design in order to create truly unique and engaging lighting designs. These are as follows:

  • Depth: This enhances the experience of the viewer by adding near and far visual interest.
  • Perspective: Our landscape lighting in Ottawa designers use your property as a three-dimensional canvas, creating a holistic viewing experience.
  • Focal Points: Our designs incorporate visual destinations – touch points that naturally draw in the eye of the viewer.
  • Direction and Technical Skill: Our designers utilize a variety of lighting techniques and qualities in order to properly position your fixtures and achieve an artistic end result.
  • Balance: Our landscape lighting in Ottawa designs shine a light on structures and forms that have intrinsic beauty.

Art in Action
You don't need to have acres of land in order to enjoy the artistic expression of a landscape lighting in Ottawa system. Small decks, walkways, and gardens can easily be transformed into whimsical hideaways with just a few simple lighting tricks. Whether it's illuminating your entrance with a welcoming glow, or improving the safety of your porch steps, the right light artist can turn a simple lighting installation into an engaging display of shadows, depths, and drama.

And that's just the beginning. Our light artists are always experimenting, coming up with ways to better highlight the landscapes of our clients. Whether it's mimicking mother nature through the use of multi-dimensional lights, or anchoring a single element, when our landscape lighting designers are done with your property, you'll be blown away by the finished product.

Invest in Aesthetics
As with any work of art, landscape lighting is an investment. When you work with Nutri-Lawn, you'll be hiring some of the best lighting designers in the area. As such, you'll be paying, not just for quality fixtures, but also for exceptional creativity and customer service. Over time, your investment will pay off as the system will require fewer repairs and replacements. And let's not forget about all of the compliments you'll receive from your friends and neighbours! Landscape lighting in Ottawa has also been proven to increase the curb appeal of your home, a great addition for folks who are considering selling their property somewhere down the line.

Landscape lighting is an engagement, not just between the landscape and the light, but also between the property owner and the designer. Like the connection between a painter, the canvas, and the viewer, landscape lighting in Ottawa is all about creating a connection and emotional reaction.

Let us paint your property with the love of light. Contact our landscape lighting Ottawa office today to book a consultation with one of our lighting professionals.

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