How to Properly Light Pathways

Add beauty and security to your Ottawa home with a dramatic path lighting system from Nutri-Lawn Landscape Lighting. Installed along garden pathways, driveways, and walkways, this type of lighting offers an instant property upgrade and pleasant ambiance.

There are many things to consider when installing this type of Ottawa outdoor lighting system. Path lighting comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, brightnesses, and designs. When working with one of our Ottawa outdoor lighting experts, you'll want to carefully consider the following design and product specifications.

Materials Matter
Pathway lighting fixtures are manufactured using a number of different materials. Popular options include chromed-copper, aluminum, brass, plastic, and stainless steel. At Nutri-Lawn Landscape Lighting, we offer only the highest quality pathway lighting fixtures, including brass and chromed-copper designs. Known for their durability, these fixtures are extremely weather resistant, making them a great option for Ottawa homeowners.

Engineered to not only shine more brilliantly at night, these fixtures are also rust and corrosion resistant. When shopping for your Ottawa outdoor lighting system, try to avoid steel lights. These carbon based fixtures easily react to contact with oxygen. The reaction of the oxygen with the iron composition of the fixture causes the materials to oxidize, ultimately resulting in the development of unsightly rust.

Lighting Intensity
The best pathway lighting systems are designed to be relatively dim. This ensures a subtle glow; one that improves both aesthetics and safety. Too much light on your paths can be a bit overbearing. Too little light and guests will have difficulty navigating steps and walkways. In order to master the intensity of your lighting fixture, our Ottawa outdoor lighting installers recommend sticking with Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs, or compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL).

It's All in the Design
Your Ottawa outdoor lighting system should be designed to suit your personal tastes and also the outlay and construction of your home. Whether you're inspired by 18th century antiques or post-modern architecture, our landscape lighting experts can create a design that caters to your unique tastes. Our technicians can also conceal fixtures in order to shift the focus of your design from the fixture to the actual illumination.

Timing is Everything
Ensure that your pathway lighting system is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible with the help of a timer. A timer is used to turn your Ottawa outdoor lighting system on and off at predetermined times, thereby lowering your energy bills and helping reduce unnecessary lighting pollution.

What's the Magic Number?
The number and type of fixtures needed to illuminate your pathway will depend a great deal on the size of your proposed system and the total amount of light you want to use. Ideally, the fixtures should all come from the same line in order to ensure a consistent look. However, there's nothing stopping you from mixing things up and using a variety of lighting techniques on your Ottawa property. Colour combinations and shading angles can also be instrumental in your lighting design.

Selecting the right fixtures and bulbs for your pathway lighting project requires creativity, expertise, and imagination. Whether you're lighting a whimsical garden path, or illuminating your front steps, you'll want to take great care to ensure that your lighting design is discreet, yet dramatic. Contact the Ottawa outdoor lighting experts at Landscape Lighting today to permanently improve your home with a  personalized pathway lighting system.

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