The Night-time Elegance of Combined Lighting Styles

In every season, residents of this city love spending time outdoors. They put a great deal of time and effort into beautifying open spaces with complementary landscaping and architectural structures that make the most of the natural surroundings. When Ottawa homeowners are not taking to the bike trails or skating along the canal, they take care in ensuring that their property and their home not only has wonderful curb appeal, but is also a safe and secure environment that can be enjoyed day or night.

Landscape Lighting in Ottawa, a City that Loves the Outdoors
Professionally-designed architectural and landscape lighting in Ottawa has become an affordable and popular choice for achieving an outdoor setting that is as aesthetically pleasing as a well-designed interior… and just as enjoyable!

Meanwhile, it's helpful to understand what 'architectural lighting' and 'landscape lighting' are, and how each works to improve the beauty of your home, while also increasing the value of your investment.

Architectural Lighting: A Subtle but Stunning New Perspective
Perhaps you've just put the finishing touches on that custom-built dream home, or invested in a major exterior renovation of an older one. Why not show off the final result day and night? Of course, your home looks gorgeous and is the envy of the neighbourhood in the light of midday. But there are exquisite dimensional aspects of any structure that can only be fully appreciated with carefully chosen and artfully placed illumination. This is where architectural lighting comes in. Just as strategic recessed lighting within the home can showcase favourite artworks or enhance the perception of space, professional architectural lighting on the exterior can:

  • Subtly enhance or boldly accentuate specific architectural elements that are unique or that add to the overall flow of the design, such as an attractive cornice or decorative brickwork.
  • Create a specific mood and express the 'personality' of the home. Combine the effects of light and shadow to add dimension and depth, framed by the night-time sky.
  • Feature secondary structures, such as wooden decks, pergolas and gazebos. Provide an effective deterrent for intruders or vandals, especially near windows and entranceways, enhancing your security and your peace of mind.

Using an assortment of equipment--whether washes or spots, up lights or down lights--combined with skilled placement can achieve all of these effects.

Landscape Lighting in Ottawa: Reveal Night-time Vistas as Works of Art
Have a look at the gallery of our landscape lighting in Ottawa. Now imagine that beautiful tree just outside your living room window, reaching up out of a carefully laid base of seasonal flowers or stonework. And now imagine enjoying that scene from the comfort of your sofa, contrasted by a dark backdrop and framed like a painting.

Specially placed landscape lighting can create radiant spaces with trees and other foliage, paths, pool areas or tiered ground and stonework. Depending on the desired effect, landscape lighting can create shapes from shadow, expand the living space to the outdoors and highlight the natural beauty of your property in ways not possible in the daylight. And like architectural lighting, it is also a practical way to improve safety and security around pathways and areas that are potentially hazardous in the dark.

Our lighting designers offer a complimentary, in-depth consultation to help homeowners interested in architectural and landscape lighting in Ottawa develop a comprehensive lighting plan that showcases the unique aspects of the home and property. Contact our staff to book your at-home appointment, and let us help you enjoy the outdoors even more.

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