Outdoor Lighting Tips For Winter

Outdoor lighting is an important investment in your home because it improves your curb appeal and enhances your homeís value. It also provides security and safety all year round. Whether you want your home to have a fun seasonal look for the holidays or want a sophisticated look that will highlight your homeís best features all winter, donít overlook the benefits of landscape lighting all year round.

Winter brings shorter days and longer nights and blowing wind and snow. Well-placed outdoor lighting can provide necessary lighting in a season that can be dark and dreary for days on end. There are a variety of options available and here are the looks that our clients request most often.

Low voltage lighting

Low voltage lighting is softer and is preferred by homeowners who want a natural look. Instead of glaring spotlights, low voltage lighting is more likely to simulate natural moonlight on a clear night. This is also a great option for those days when you need outdoor lights during the dark and dreary daylight hours winter can bring.

Highlight winter features

In spring and summer, homeowners like to highlight deciduous trees and take advantage of natural movement and to filter light from above. In winter, donít neglect the evergreens. Consider a blue light across the evergreens in your yard. What about highlighting the bare branches of your deciduous trees? Shadow and light are effective all year round.

Is there one area of your yard where snow forms interesting shapes? Do you like to decorate the trees or eaves for the holidays? These are all areas to add some winter charm to your landscape with outdoor lighting.


If only thieves hated winter! Your home is vulnerable to thieves and mischief no matter what the season is, so in the months where sunlight is less available make sure to light up those pathways, walkways and other dark areas. Not only will this deter thieves, but it will provide safe footing for your family and guests.

Many homeowners leave and return home from work in the dark. A professionally lit home is a welcome sight in the dark winter months and will stand out among neighbours. A lot of people travel over the holidays as well and outdoor lights on timers can help deter thieves.

LED lighting

There are a lot of fun holiday lighting options available with the popularity of LED lighting. The benefit of LED lights is the wide variety of colours, energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility. LED lights produce as much light as traditional high-pressure sodium bulbs and offer better directional control so you can eliminate those dark areas with less cost.

Your home can be just as beautiful in the winter as it can in the summer. Whether youíre playing up the effects of winter snowfall or youíre adding to your Christmas lighting, we can help you achieve the look youíre after. Ask us about our Ottawa landscape lighting services for more details.

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