LEDs: Longevity, Efficiency, Durability

With the push toward environmentally friendly, energy saving landscape lighting, you may be wondering how these practices can benefit you. The fact is that there are numerous benefits to investing in LED outdoor lighting services, beyond merely conserving energy. Unfortunately, many of these benefits aren't common knowledge. If you're ready to learn more about how LED landscape lighting can help you in the long term, read on.

Save energy
Let's cover the most obvious benefit first: energy savings. LED landscape lighting offers 80% efficiency in comparison to traditional incandescent outdoor lighting services. This is because LEDs don't generate and lose the heat that incandescent lights do. Heat loss is the number one reason lights are inefficient, and can be the cause of about 80% of your bill. To see a full breakdown of the energy savings, see Landscape Lighting Ottawa services for calculations about our LEDs.

LEDs offer longevity
LEDs efficiency goes beyond energy savings – they also save you time on replacement. LED technology has a longer life span than traditional incandescent lighting. And though the upfront cost of LED fixtures is greater than traditional landscape lighting, the expense occurs less often. This makes your carbon footprint even smaller as you're throwing out fewer bulbs and electric parts.

Durability of LEDs
LEDs are durable and tough fixtures to damage. LEDs' durability contributes to their longevity, and to their effectiveness. They can withstand aggressive weather conditions, shock, and vibrations. While they may not necessarily be able to stand up against a lawn mower running over it, a few accidental kicks from a kid running through the yard or a heavy hail storm shouldn't do much damage to these hardy little guys.

Little voltage required
LEDs don't need a high voltage to run effectively. In fact, the voltage received from a solar panel is enough for LED lights, leading to even more possibilities for your eco-friendly outdoor lighting services. This low-voltage requirement also makes LEDs a great choice for lighting effects such as moonlighting in trees. The softer lighting creates a natural, elegant quality to introduce ambience in your yard.

Temperature flexibility
As mentioned, LEDs are extremely durable. This means that they can withstand extreme temperature conditions. These lights can endure the harsh Ottawa winters so that you can continue lighting your lawn in the dark, cold nights without worrying about damage to your outdoor lighting services.

Reduce UV emissions
LEDs are known for their energy-saving quality, but they're green in their UV emissions as well. They produce minimal UV and a diminutive level of infrared light. This is one reason their heat emissions are so small. It also means that your lights can be against building materials, walls, painted surfaces, and materials that are heat sensitive without causing any damage. It is for this reason, also, that LEDs in your Landscape Lighting Ottawa fixtures are safer to use, and safer around children and pets.

The best way to think of these lights is by thinking of the acronym LED in a way that is more descriptive of the benefits of Landscape Lighting Ottawa LEDs: Longevity, Efficiency, Durability. If you're ready to reap the rewards of this landscape lighting technology, contact Landscape Lighting Ottawa today for your complimentary quote on our outdoor lighting services.




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