Perfect Your Pond With Landscape Lighting

The beauty of your pond doesn't have to fade with the sun. Outdoor lighting will allow you to continue enjoying your aquatic oasis when the natural light goes down. Lighting a pond is a simple way to improve the aesthetics of your yard, and add ambience to any night-time party. How you light your pond will depend on its specific qualities. Read on for tips from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa landscape lighting services to light up your water wonderland.

Make your pond pop with colours
You don't need to be limited to yellow and white landscape lighting in your pond. Adding a pinch of colour to your pond can brighten up the water surface and the surrounding rocks. Just as you may do with your flowerbeds, include a couple of lights underwater that imitate the colour palettes of your subsurface aquatic plants. These coloured outdoor lighting bring an explosion of illumination that looks almost like fireworks as the water shimmers across the beams.

Don't overdo it
Simplistic is chic. You don't need an overload of landscape lights to add a glow to your pond and backyard. Place a few lights underneath the surface of the water, and one or two within the rocks surrounding your pond. This minimalist landscape lighting look will create beautiful silhouettes and shadows. Fewer lights also ensure your pond doesn't look like a landing strip for a helicopter.

Pond outdoor lighting should be low voltage. These guarantee a soft, welcoming glow, rather than a bright, industrial feeling for your after dusk garden party.

Wonderful waterfalls
Waterfalls are a gorgeous addition to any pond, but you can enhance their beauty further with a couple of well-placed landscape lights. Place two or three lights along the base of your waterfall to completely light up the width. These should be low voltage, so that the entire base has some illumination without being over lit.

These fixture's beams will provide a gentle glimmering to the bubbling base. The light reflecting off the water offers a mystical, ethereal feel.

Brighten the borders
If you do nothing else, outline the border of your pond. This Ottawa landscape lighting technique adds more than aesthetics – it also contributes to the safety of your lawn. A dark pond at night creates a safety hazard for your guests, children, and for yourself. Ponds become traps during night-time walks in the garden.

When you light up the border of your pond, you're pointing out the hazard to your guests and to your children. With this, you've done all you can to direct your guests away from the surface of the water.

What's more, landscape lighting around the border is a beautiful addition to your Nutri-Lawn landscape lighting system. These are a beacon in the dark that, when placed close enough to the pond, can reflect off of the surface to paint intricate patterns in your pond's ripples.

Are you ready to light up your pond with Nutri-Lawn Ottawa landscape lighting services this spring? Receive your complimentary quote for landscape lighting that will make your property an outdoor oasis this summer.

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