Illuminate Your Flowerbeds After Dusk

During the day, your flowerbeds are a beautiful burst of colour and spirit to amplify the welcoming atmosphere of your home. Why lose this after the sun retreats to slumber? Use your landscape lighting to retain the joy of your flowerbeds with these tips from Landscape Lighting Ottawa.

Keep natural ambience
Your flowerbeds are as beautiful as they are because they are natural palettes of colour.  So why not keep with the theme of nature by using flames, rather than lamps? Landscape Lighting Ottawa outdoor lighting services offer Tiki lamps that provide real flames from gas-power. Tiki lamps create shuddering patterns against the wall of your house with a subtle, subdued illumination that is just enough to light up the majesty of your flowers. There is something mysterious and exotic about these landscape lighting fixtures shimmering through the indigo night.

Explore your landscape lighting colour palette
For a colourful flowerbed, you may want to experiment with using colourful lights to highlight the tones in your blossoms. Keeping to a white beam isn't always going to give you the effect that you desire. For example, in a garden that has a lot of reds in it, try a soft red light to draw out the crimson hues at night and add a splash of brightness to your landscape.

Garden path lighting
If you have a pathway through your gardens, add some lighting around the edges. These look stunning when staggered along the edge of a path, and can even look as if petite fairy lights are lighting the way through the darkness, depending on the lighting fixture that's used.

Area/path lights are a great choice for lighting up garden paths. They are subdued enough that they won't take away the light from the stars and the moon, but they will offer safety as well as broad illumination for your garden.

Water gardens and ponds
Looking to light up your water garden or pond? You have options for that. For aquatic aspects of your landscaping, you can light either at ground level or underwater. Underwater lights look gorgeous when illuminating the base of a waterfall, or peeking from underwater rocks to create shimmering bubbles on the surface.

Landscape lighting on the shoreline of the water garden or pond is best positioned within surrounding rocks or foliage. These beams shining up through the crevices create beautiful patterns of light that have the double use of contributing safety and aesthetic appeal to your pond.

Make use of tall features
Any feature in your garden that is taller than other plants is a strong aspect to accentuate. This can include trees, bushes, statues, gazebos, and anything else that may be within your garden. Landscape Lighting Ottawa recommends uplights or spotlights for statues to highlight its artistic facets and shadows within the bumps and grooves of the sculpture. These can also be used for trees and bushes in your garden to play with the patterns of the foliage.

For trees, you may also want to consider down lighting. Depending on the size of the tree's foliage, try putting a few down lighting fixtures throughout the tree to create a moonlight effect. This outdoor lighting effect brings the stars and moon to your backyard, giving you your own personal solar system to light up your gatherings.

Get started on Landscape Lighting Ottawa outdoor lighting services for your garden this spring with a complimentary quote from Landscape Lighting Ottawa.





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