Fending Off Fido: Pet Friendly Landscape Lighting

Having a pet is like having a child. Yards, homes, and cars all need to be "pet-proofed" in order to ensure the safety of your dog or cat. If you haven't already, it's time to "pet-proof" your Landscape Lighting Ottawa services as well. Since your pet spends so much time out in the yard, it is only reasonable that the yard be suited to their needs as well as yours. With a few simple landscaping decisions and proper installation, your outdoor lighting services will be free from pet damage and your pet will be free from harm. Below are tips from Landscape Lighting Ottawa to make sure everyone in your family – furry or not – is happy in your yard.

Protect your wires
Dogs, like children, don't understand the concept of electrical wires. Unlike children, dogs cannot understand any explanation given to them, no matter how old they are. That means that you need to protect the wires of your outdoor lighting services.

If you have exposed wires, call your Landscape Lighting Ottawa team. They will be able to make sure all of your wires are re-installed properly to prevent unhappy accidents with your pooch.

Consider installing ground fixtures in raised areas, like flower beds. Your dog is less likely to dig up a part of your yard that is elevated, so this is a simple preventative technique to keep your wires and your dog safe.

Shield your fixtures
If you have an extra curious dog, try putting decorative rocks around the fixture or on top of areas that have wires below the ground. These will act as little barriers between your Landscape Lighting Ottawa services and your dog's burrowing paws.

It's also a good idea to remove any vegetation "shields" that may be surrounding your fixtures. By having excessive vegetation or foliage around your fixtures, you're setting up a danger zone for your pets. Your dog may be happily nuzzling through your garden one day when suddenly he comes upon a fixture that he has never seen before. As a little tester he either, "marks his territory", or gives it a good chew to make sure it's safe. Remove this curiosity by trimming back surrounding vegetation.

It's also a good idea to keep your outdoor lighting services in plain sight if you have a cat. Cats chew on plants, and may end up chewing on your Landscape Lighting Ottawa fixtures if they are positioned among the foliage.

Routine checks
Make sure you practice routine check ups on your outdoor lighting services. Wander through your yard and look for damaged bulbs, fixtures, or wires that may have tooth marks pointing to the culprit. It's better to call in your Landscape Lighting Ottawa services to fix the problems early in order to prevent increased damage over time. Damaged fixtures can also be highly dangerous to your pets if wires are being exposed, bulbs are broken, or the metal on fixtures has sharpened from wear and tear.

Keeping your lawn pet friendly isn't difficult with Landscape Lighting Ottawa. Call in the pros today to make sure your outdoor lighting services are in tiptop shape. For a complimentary quote on Landscape Lighting Ottawa services, visit our website.





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