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There are numerous reasons to install outdoor lighting, but one of the most important for homeowners is the security aspect. Landscape Lighting Ottawa can help keep your home safe, while also enhancing its curb appeal. Security lighting must be done properly though, in order to avoid harsh over lighting. Landscape Lighting Ottawa has a number of tips to help you get the most out of your landscape lighting services.

Fill in the gaps
Think of the big picture when designing your landscape lighting – you want to fill in the gaps to create a comprehensive final product. Darks spaces in your lawn are great spots for intruders to hide and can allow shelter for any shifty activities that these trespassers may engage in.

Use your Ottawa outdoor lighting to light up those dark spots, but not in a way that is too bright. These spots don’t require excessive lighting – all they require is a dim glow to show the presence of any unwanted visitors.

Illuminate architecture
In order to remove entrance spots for intruders, you want to light up your architecture. Add illumination around your home’s walls, gazebo, patios, and fences. Down lighting is a great option for your home and architectural features. These Landscape Lighting Ottawa fixtures spread the beam across your yard to increase the overall brightness of your property.

Down lights work in trees, as well, to offer security while also producing a moonlighting effect. Again, these are great for illuminating a larger area of your yard than if you use only spotlights or well lights in your landscape lighting design.

Light up trees
Down lights aren’t the only Landscape Lighting Ottawa option that can be used to brighten your trees. Spot lights are perfect for generating gorgeous silhouettes while also eliminating hiding spots for trespassers.

Up lighting is also a good option for lighting up statues and gazebos. These too produce beautiful silhouettes that offer an elegant aesthetic to your lawn.

Don’t neglect your Ottawa outdoor lighting when away
Now that spring and summer are finally here, you’ll want to take advantage of the warm weather and get away for a bit. The great thing about landscape lighting services is that they watch out for your home when you’re not around.

Don’t turn off your Landscape Lighting Ottawa system when you go away on vacations. While the hydro costs are negligible, it’s a proven fact that landscape lighting can dissuade burglars from attempting to break into your home, even if you’re not there. If lights are on, burglars and trespassers have no way of knowing whether or not you’re actually home. A dark home is much more attractive for potential criminal activity.

Landscape Lighting Ottawa recommends putting your outdoor lighting on a schedule when you leave – even if it’s just overnight. Neighbours will be able to see if anyone trespasses on your property will bad intentions.

Don’t put the security of your home on the back burner! Receive your complementary consultation from Landscape Lighting Ottawa today!


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