Outdoor Room Lighting Tips

Expanding your living space outdoors is a big trend and the ideal is to make that outdoor space feel like it’s indoors. This can be done in a variety of ways and certainly if you’re laying pavers or building walls or decks, adding lighting into the plans will create an all-weather feel you’ll love for years to come.

Many of these ideas will require an outdoor electrical outlet. Consider calling our experts to help install those outlets with appropriate voltage and proper connections so there’s no climbing ladders or running ugly extension cords across the deck. Here are some of our best outdoor lighting tips.


Hanging a pendant light over a table, especially something whimsical or decorative, will really give an outdoor eating or sitting area an indoor feel. Pendants also create perfect task lighting over an outdoor kitchen or other space without being obtrusive. Why not try a pendant in a covered porch? Pendant fixtures need to be sheltered from the rain during the warm summer months (under a roof) and will need to be taken down for the winter. Pendant candleholders, used with prudent vigilance, are a great idea for an uncovered outdoor living space. There are a lot of great DIY ideas on the interwebs to try.

Also, pendant lights don’t have to be large and ornate. Try hanging a series of pendant lights from a beam or porch instead. Be creative.

Outdoor Fireplace

If fire pits are too casual or don’t fit your landscape design, consider a brick or stone outdoor fireplace. This has the added benefit of being incorporated into an outdoor kitchen design for functionality and providing warmth and light on those cooler spring and fall evenings outside.

Fire Pits and Bowls

If you like having an outdoor fire to sit around (always check local bylaws), there are a number of decorative pots and other devices that can safely contain the fire and look elegant at the same time. These are available in a wide variety of options and price points.

Lighted Pots

Buying lighted pots or with a little DIY ingenuity adding lights to existing pots gives you floral décor by day and casual ambient light at night. Often, these pots can be moved around a deck or porch if you need to rearrange things. These pots are available from many retailers, and for the DIY crowd can be very affordable.

Character piece

A character piece can add pizzazz to an outdoor space whether you’re looking to add elegance, whimsy or romance. Chandeliers are one example of a character piece that can also be a great conversation piece. Any kind of waterproof table lighting is an idea that can swapped out depending on the mood you’re hoping to create.

Pinterest has a lot of great DIY ideas for table and accent pieces that can be one-time use as well.


Lanterns can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and sizes and price points. You can have vintage or portable lanterns, some only meant for decoration, or those mounted on a wall and hardwired to your electric panel. Pick a consistent style and finish. This creates a great eye-catching detail.

We’d love to answer all of your outdoor lighting questions or help you design a truly unique lighting plan. Contact our lighting expertsto learn more about our lighting services or view our gallery of one-of-a-kind designs.

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