How to Enhance Your Business's Curb Appeal

Don't let your business get lost at night. Enhance and illuminate your commercial curb appeal with Ottawa commercial landscape lighting. Perking up your business is easier than you think, and it's a good way to increase your client list. Landscape Lighting Ottawa outdoor lighting services will provide you with safety, security, aesthetics, and will transform your business front into a beacon of light in the dark. Read on for tips from Landscape Lighting Ottawa on how to charm your business out of its bland state into a gorgeous masterpiece of landscaping.  

Maintain your lawn and gardens
One of the first steps in any Landscape Lighting Ottawa outdoor lighting services is the lawn maintenance. To have a great landscape lighting system, you can't have plants blocking the illumination. Keep up on your pruning and gardening. Make sure there aren't fallen leaves blocking the fixture, and that your lights are placed in such a way that a little extra foliage won't entirely block them from view – just in case you get behind in gardening for a week.

Beyond landscape lighting, a trim yard simply looks better to potential customers and clientele. When Ottawa commercial landscape lighting accompanies a neatly trimmed grass, your clientele will see the pride you have in your business, and trust your reliability.

Light the steps
Part of enhancing your business with Landscape Lighting Ottawa outdoor lighting services is to increase the safety of your property. One of the major parts of enhancing the safety of your business is to brighten the steps in front of your property. From a legal perspective, unlit uneven steps can be a major liability. Your business shouldn't be harming the community – you want your customers to walk away happy and satisfied, not with a sprained ankle.

If your steps are bordered and surrounded by gardens, why not position the lights within the flowers and foliage? This creates beautiful shadow and silhouette effects on the stairs that will offer aesthetic appeal while providing safety. Make sure the fixtures are close enough to the stairs that they still offer visibility.

Also be certain that you're using enough lights for the width of the stair. A wider stair may require lights on either side, and possibly down the center as well. Avoid a straight line of lights, though, as this can look like an airplane landing strip.

Use down lighting to eliminate gaps
One of the major benefits of Ottawa commercial landscape lighting is that it provides security to your business when you're not around to do so. Down lighting is a great way to remove dark gaps in your business's property. Use down lights on fences, against walls, even in trees – keeping in mind not to over light. Remember that every dark space in your property is a gateway to an unwanted intruder.

Don't let your business fall behind the competition after dusk. Boost your visibility with Landscape Lighting Ottawa outdoor lighting services. Receive your complimentary quote from Landscape Lighting Ottawa today to begin on a gorgeous new system.



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