Defusing the Floodlight: How to Gain Gorgeous Security Lighting

Many homeowners think that floodlights are the way to go if you want top security landscape lighting and safety. This urban myth could not be further from the truth. There are several options for security that don't involve sacrificing the aesthetics of your home. These fixtures are not as effective as you may think, and offer the appearance of a prison yard or landing strip rather than a home. Landscape Lighting Ottawa will help you debunk the myth of the floodlight, while also finding solutions to the problem of security with Landscape Lighting Ottawa outdoor lighting services.

Problem #1: Unappealing Aesthetic
Floodlights just aren't pretty. Even when these lights are positioned on the corners of houses, rather than on posts, these aren't attractive lights. There's no working with their bulky frame and burst of landscape lighting.

Problem #2: Over sensitive sensors
Most floodlights are attached to a sensor that flips on as soon as, well, anything walks across the driveway. The problem with this is that if the sensor isn't adjusted properly, every critter and rodent that walks past will set off your landscape lighting. At this point, you and your neighbours will get so used to seeing the light flip on frequently that you won't check the yard when it actually matters.

Problem #3: Small life spans
Many floodlights are made with photocells. These, unfortunately, don't have much of a lifespan, especially if your sensors are being set off frequently. This will lead you to replacing bulbs on the regular. This problem has a solution with LED Landscape Lighting Ottawa outdoor lighting services.

Problem #4: Large gaps leftover
Even though floodlights – as their name would suggest – flood large areas of the yard, they don't have full coverage. Unless you have floodlights covering every single area of your yard, you're going to be left with large gaps of darkness. This leaves plenty of cover for unwanted intruders and burglars to sneak through your property. In this case, it's also unlikely you'll want Landscape Lighting Ottawa outdoor lighting services to fill in these gaps, as their gorgeous effects will be ruined by the overbearing beam of the floodlight. This means that floodlights are far less effective an option of landscape lighting than you think they are.

Solving the problem with Landscape Lighting Ottawa
Rather than have a few huge beams protect your home, why not spread the fixtures out? You want to remove as many dark spaces as possible, so that you minimize entry points. That being said, try using subtle, soft lights that will illuminate the property without creating an unfriendly atmosphere.

Make sure walls, fences, pathways, and dark corners are illuminated. Under trees and shrubs are other key areas, as these will make perfect little hiding spots for intruders.

Your particular landscape lighting plan will depend on your unique yard. Talk to a Landscape Lighting Ottawa expert today or receive your complimentary quote.




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