Landscape Lighting Ideas for Winter

During the winter landscape lighting is more important than ever, especially in Ottawa where the days seem to get shorter and shorter. Come fall, it is crucial that you keep your property well-lit and safe all day long. Whether you are looking into landscape lighting for your commercial or residential property, there are plenty of festive, trendy lighting options to bring out your property’s personality! Read on to learn about some of this winter’s trends!

Start With The Trees
If you are lucky enough to have trees or shrubs on your property, make the best use of them! Trees and shrubs are perfect locations in which to both mount and direct landscape lighting that enhances the look of your property. Furthermore, by illuminating trees and shrubs, these spaces are going to be even safer. The more intelligent your landscape lighting is, the safer your property will be. Consider using directional lighting at the base of trees and shrubs to direct soft beams of light onto the natural elements of your property. As the snow begins to settle on the branches of your property’s trees, the upward facing directional lights will create a pleasant, artistic glow.  When it comes to snow, if you can’t beat it, join it!

The Front Porch
Your front porch is the focal point of your residential property. It needs to be as safe as it is inviting. Landscape lighting on your front porch can be artistic as well as functional. By using a variety of different light of different intensities you can make sure that your guests and family are safe. You might consider using different hues to match with the seasons. Use filters on lights or different coloured bulbs to add to your design scheme. Even if you opt to use LED lights, there are plenty of soft, coloured lights at your disposal!

Pathways and Patios
During the winter, pathways and patios are not used as often, especially in Ottawa - the land of the snow! But instead of neglecting them all together, transform them into a fairy wonderland. There are plenty of landscape lighting options that can dramatically enhance the look of your patios and pathways even when you are not using them. However, opt for LED lights and solar powered lights to save on energy. Orbs, and lanterns look especially whimsical when set against a backdrop of snow!

Holiday Lighting!
Last but certainly not least, holiday lighting! With December just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about your holiday lighting scheme. For many homeowners, the holiday season is a chance to decorate their home and get into the festive spirit regardless of what holiday traditions your family participates in. Our team at Landscape Lighting Ottawa is eager to hear about what your holiday lighting plans are for this year! From subtle and sophisticated to fun and cheerful, Landscape Lighting Ottawa has the skills and expertise to bring your winter wonderland to life!

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