Illuminate Your Front Porch with Personality

Your front porch is one of the first things your guests, passers by, and neighbours notice about your beautiful home. What is your porch saying about you? To answer this, put yourself in the eyes of a stranger, and wait until nightfall to go stand on the sidewalk. What do you see? A recycling box and a storage tote destined for the thrift shop? Or a relaxing oasis with comfy chairs, and a porch swing? You don’t have to have a magazine ready porch to have a beautiful porch!

Cover the Basics
All that said, safety should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of personality. The lighting experts with Landscape Lighting Ottawa can help you make sure your porch is as safe as it is unique! There are a few safety basics that every front porch should have. Such as, navigational lighting wherever there are steps, doorways, or inclines, as well as motion sensor lights that illuminate your entire porch during the night to ward off potential intruders.

Establish Your Style
Before you start drilling, take a moment to consider what you think your design style is. Traditional, contemporary, modern, edgy, vintage, retro, antique? Within every single design style there are dozens of options available to you. Perhaps you want your front porch lighting to reflect the style you have cultivated within your home. A super modern front porch might not suit the traditional style you have going on throughout the rest of your home. On the other hand, choosing a fun retro wall sconce might just portray the fun atmosphere that runs through your home!

Outdoor Chandeliers
Once you’ve covered the safety basics, you can start getting personal. There are more outdoor chandeliers at your fingertips than ever before! Start by cruising design websites for something that piques your interest, and then go from there. You will have to take into account logistical details, such as the amount of coverage your porch has, and whether or not the chandelier is up to the task, or whether the electrical wiring is already in place for a chandelier. If you have any doubts at all, schedule a complimentary evaluation with the team at Landscape Lighting Ottawa!

Expressive Wall Sconces
Some of the more traditional front porch lighting elements, are wall sconces. While sometimes installed individually, wall sconces look fantastic when installed on either side of your front door. They also allow for even more light to be cast on your beautiful front porch. Wall sconces are a great way to express your personality. For those sailing enthusiasts, why not select a wall sconce in a nautical theme. Or, perhaps something sleek, and modern for those who appreciate a simple, and functional design element. Your porch lighting should complement all of the other pieces on your front porch - such as any furniture, plants, and even your mailbox. By choosing the right lighting you can highlight your design style while welcoming your guests and family members safely home.





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