Landscape Lighting Tips for Your Ottawa Business

Nothing says, "welcome to our business" like professional landscape lighting.  Illuminating your business's façade is a great way to bring in clientele, and show that you care about your business enough to invest time and money on improvements.  Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect lighting for your property.

Illuminate Signs
You want to make sure that people who aren't familiar with your business become aware of your business, even in the dark of the night.  Illuminating your signs is a great way to market your business to possible clientele.  A well-placed spotlight or two will do a great job to attract the eyes of passers-by.  One spotlight on either side of the sign, focused on a diagonal does a great job lighting the sign, and being visually appealing.

Highlight Architectural Focal Points
If your business has any architectural focal points, emphasize these with your landscape lighting.  Features such as columns, garden walls, fountains, or gazebos really draw the eye in when lit up.  Lighting these aspects also brings a certain amount of beauty and warmth to your business.

Nature and Ottawa Landscape Lighting
If you have any trees on your property, it's time to work with them.  Using down lighting can create a lovely moonlight effect that offers soft illumination to your business.  Silhouetting with spot lights or wash lights also works well, particularly if the tree is closer to a wall.

Use well lights to up light flowers and shrubbery along the walk.  This provides safety for your clients as they enter your business, as well as contributing to the curb appeal of your property.

Avoid Over Lighting
The last thing you want to do is to make your guests feel uncomfortable, or as if they are in a prison yard.  Over lighting can provide a stark, harsh effect to your property that is more of a turn off than a beacon to possible clientele and customers.  The best way to light your property is with soft, focused lighting.  Pick a few features of your property that you want to light up and use only the number of lights you need to properly illuminate your selections.

Don't Clutter Your Fixtures
Avoid choosing too many different fixtures.  It's good to have variety, texture, and layers, but you don't want to pick one of every fixture offered.  It's best to plan your Ottawa landscape lighting, and choose just a two or three different fixtures to do the job.  This offers a more cohesive and coherent look to your business. 

Beware of Dark Patches
The unfortunate fact of owning a business is that no one is there (generally) during the dark hours when robberies most often occur.  While security cameras and guards can certainly help that, a more affordable way to bring security to your business is with security lighting.  By elegantly and still effectively illuminating the areas that are usually dark, you'll be able to offer fewer areas on your business's property for intruders.  Lighting directly on the building, such as with down lights on walls or deck post domes lights can help ensure that anyone who may be thinking of breaking in is instantly spotted. 

If you're reading to spice up your business with landscape lighting, contact Landscape Lighting Ottawa by Nutri-Lawn to begin designing your perfect lighting plan today!

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