Stylish LED Landscape Lighting Options

For years you have been hearing that LED lights are better for your bank account and the environment, but do you know how they work? “LED” stands for “light emitting diodes.” Here’s how they work. Light is created by the movement of electrons within a semiconductor unit. Traditional incandescent bulbs use more electricity than LED lights, and have a much shorter lifespan. This means that you use less electricity and change your lightbulbs way less frequently. That’s a win-win situation!

LED Lights Are a Bright Idea!
LED Lights have revolutionized the landscape lighting world. All of a sudden, we are able to create even more dramatic effects that result in less light pollution, and increased savings for our clients. Our residential and commercial clients alike have benefited from LED lights. The average lifespan of an LED light is 50,000 hours. Compare this to the 15,000 hours that a high-pressure sodium outdoor light lasts, and the savings speak for themselves. Furthermore, LED Lights allow for a level of customization never before possible when it comes to landscape lighting, meaning that we can achieve the most dramatic, impressive results yet.

Small but Mighty LED Lights
By definition, LED lights are small. More often than not, they are much smaller in profile than their incandescent cousins. However, their size has no correlation to how much light they emit, and what they are capable of. LED lights don’t work harder, they work differently. At Landscape Lighting Ottawa, we use the very best LED lights for the job. Often, our clients want to use subtle, unobtrusive lights that illuminate their property as if by magic. LED lights get the job done. Properly installed, custom LED lights emit a controlled beam of light that illuminates exactly what it’s supposed to making glare and light trespass a thing of the past.

How Much Can LED Lights Save You?
Even taking into account installation and maintenance, your power consumption is your largest expense. LED lights slash your consumption. LED lights function at 80% efficiency, meanwhile incandescent lights function at 20%. The remaining 20% with LED Lights is attributed to heat loss. Meanwhile, the exact opposite ratio is true for incandescent bulbs.

One way to incorporate LED Lights into your landscape lighting, is to replace your incandescent bulbs with LED ones as they burn out. Start with the lights you use most frequently. For example, entranceway lights, and task lighting on pathways, steps, and in the driveway. You use these lights the most, meaning that the more efficient they are, the more money you will save.

Your Ottawa LED Landscape Lighting Experts
At Landscape Lighting Ottawa, we make it our priority to offer our clients the very best products and service. If LED landscape lighting is a project on your to-do list, we would love to hear from you! Whether you are looking to illuminate your commercial or residential property, contact us today to request a free estimate, or to get the conversation started!



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