Fire Up Your Chimney with Ottawa Landscape Lighting

So few homes have chimneys these days that when a chimney on a house is lit up in the night, the curb appeal of that home instantly increases. One of the benefits of outdoor lighting is that you will enhance the visual aesthetics of your home, and there's no better way to do this than by highlighting the focal points. Adding Ottawa landscape lighting services to your chimney comes with its own set of difficulties, however. Read on for tips, pros, and cons from the experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa.

Benefits and negatives of chimney lighting
As mentioned, the first benefit of chimney outdoor lighting is that it creates a beautiful visual effect on your home. Because chimneys are the highest focal points on your home, they draw the attention of passersby and visitors. They also highlight the uniqueness of your home.

Unfortunately, chimney lighting can produce inconvenient shadows that can obstruct the full lighting of your other Ottawa landscape lighting services. This are be avoided with careful and thoughtful outdoor lighting. Check the beam of your lights in your plan before permanently installing the fixtures.

Finally, you'll want to make sure you have a Landscape Lighting Ottawa professional working on the lighting for your chimney. Illuminating this particular area of your home is dangerous, and trying to do so yourself causes serious safety risks to your wellbeing.

Make sure it fits
It's always good to make sure you have cohesion when planning Ottawa landscape lighting services. If you're adding your chimney lights to a pre-existing outdoor lighting plan, make sure the fixtures and placement match with the current lights. You'll also want to make sure you aren't over lighting that area, which will create an unbalanced lumpy effect in your yard.

This is the time also to make sure shadows aren't obstructing other lighting beams.

Types of chimney outdoor lighting
When lighting your chimney, you have a few different choices for deciding what fixtures to use.

For chimneys that begin at the roofline, rather than illuminating the height of the building in full with uplighting, down lighting is more often chosen. This accentuates the chimney alone, without the beam of light getting lost on the wall.

Chimneys that run the entire height of the building are usually lit with spotlights or uplights. These accentuate the length of the architectural feature, from the base to its tallest heights. If you try using uplighting on a chimney that starts at the roofline, the beam will get lost before it hits the chimney itself.

Finally, if you want to hide your lights, you can consider recessed fixtures. Be aware, though, that you'll have fewer options if you choose to go with these.

Highlight and accent
If your chimney has any unique architectural features, make sure to highlight them with your Ottawa landscape lighting services to further enhance the aesthetics of your home. These can include sculptures, statues, engravings, and so on. Make these the focal points of your chimney.

If you're ready to light up your home this spring, contact Landscape Lighting Ottawa to receive your complimentary quote.



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