Spring Cleaning Your Outdoor Lighting

Spring is here and your outdoor lighting should receive the same attention as your gardens, patio, and home. This is an often overlooked task, and though it might only take you 10 or 15 minutes, why not make it a part of your regular spring cleaning routine.

It would be tedious to write a specialized guide on how to clean every kind of outdoor lighting fixture available through Landscape Lighting Ottawa, but most fixtures have removable components that can be cleaned.

Always check the manufacturing label for specific cleaning instructions. Remember to stay safe and disconnect all power sources before removing fixtures or components.
Cleaning Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

  • Always begin by reading through manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions before you begin. Check online if you no longer have the instructions on hand.
  • Remove the lightbulbs – carefully, and any other easily removable components.
  • Use warm soapy water to clean the glass fixtures you removed and rinse with clear water. Use a bucket and a soft cloth if the glass parts aren’t easily removable. Make use of an old soft-bristly toothbrush for hard to reach areas.
  • Avoid using chemical cleaners unless recommended by the manufacturer on glass components as they may leave a filmy residue that will leave the glass looking dull. Some cleaners may contain even mild abrasives that will mark the glass or finish.
  • If streaks appear, try using newspapers to clean the glass instead of a cloth.
  • Wipe the bulbs with a soft cloth but avoid getting the socket or the end of the lightbulb wet.
  • If using a ladder, be sure to have secure footing to avoid an accident.
  • When cleaning a tiki torch, make sure all combustible items are removed (such as natural gas or propane) before cleaning the head.
  • For metal components, use the appropriate metal cleaner and wipe clean.

General Spring Cleaning Tips For Outdoor Lighting
While you’re out cleaning the fixtures so they sparkle, have a careful look see at the rest of the unit to ensure that winter winds or snowfall haven’t moved anything out of place. Here are some general things to watch out for. Remember to always call a professional if any of this is beyond your know-how.

  • Replace broken or burnt out bulbs – you’re cleaning the fixture anyway. Some bulbs may simply need to be tightened, but you might as well figure out what you need to replace before you forget.
  • Check the surrounding bushes and foliage. Does any growth need to be trimmed or pruned back? Did all the surrounding plants survive the winter (bare spots or holes)? Did any branches or limbs come down that need to be tidied up? Has the light shifted and need to be readjusted?
  • Damage and wear can affect the wiring or cords for a variety of reasons: weather, pets, rodents, turning the garden soil (it’s happened). Check periodically and fix any problems, or call a professional.
  • Consider any improvements you might want to make. Tired of cleaning dead bugs out of light fixtures, maybe it’s time to put up lights that are the proper size and wattage for the space. Maybe it’s just time for something new.
  • What are the weather experts forecasting? Is there a wet spring in your future? This is a great time to consider investing in a bug light bulb or similar feature to kill the pesky bugs while simply keeping the “good” bugs out of your face.

If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor lighting system or need repairs, let the experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa help you create the look and functionality you will love! Contact us today!

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