How To Prevent Damage To Your Ottawa Outdoor Lighting Systems

Not only is landscape lighting pleasing to the eye, it also showcases the beauty of your house and yard well after the sun has set.  A well-lit home can also deter unwanted prowlers from performing a thorough nightly “investigation” of your home.  When you invest in our Ottawa outdoor lighting systems, you’re investing in the beauty and the security of your home.  As such, you’ll want to protect your investment by preventing any damage from occurring.  Follow these steps to ensure that your landscape lighting remains in tip-top shape. 

Step 1: Lighting Placement Matters
Where you place your lights will have a big impact on their potential for getting damaged.  Try to put your lights in areas that won’t receive a lot of foot traffic, which goes a long way in preventing accidental kicks or flying debris from coming in contact with your Ottawa outdoor lighting systems.

Where you place your lights also factors into how much damage they will receive from things such as rain, snow, and fertilizer.  While there are protective glass treatments that can be applied on a regular basis, this problem can mostly be solved with smart placement.  If you can, place your lights under the cover of awnings or overhangs, which will go a long way in protecting them from weather hazards.  Simple maintenance tasks, such as checking your lights on a weekly basis for damage, cleaning them monthly, and clearing away any ice that may have frozen on will do wonders for the longevity of your Ottawa landscape lighting

Step 2: Watch Out When Mowing Your Lawn
You’d be hard done by to keep all of your landscape lighting off the ground.  As such, you’ll want to avoid mowing or using any engine-powered gardening tools too close to your Ottawa outdoor lighting systems.  Aside from the damage done by accidentally hitting the lighting with the lawn mower, debris can shoot out the side and hit your fixtures as well.  A simple solution is to place buckets over your lighting before you do any lawn work.

Step 3: Purchase Good Quality Ottawa Outdoor Lighting Systems
Rust and corrosion are damaging factors that are beyond your control.  If your lighting is made from cheap materials, it will suffer more wear and tear than its more durable counterparts.  It will also breakdown faster.  When you’re shopping for landscape lighting, look for fixtures made out of quality materials, such as stainless steel, brass, copper, or other materials that resist rust and corrosion.  In addition, by investing in quality, your landscape lighting will be more likely to stand up to the outdoor elements, as well as lawn fertilizers. 

Before you make the big purchase, ask your sales expert about the materials used to make your landscape fixtures and ask to inspect them yourself.  Also, do not hesitate to ask about what sort of warranty is offered or to hold out until you find the ideal company that combines quality lighting with a solid warranty (hint: at Ottawa Landscape Lighting, we do just that). 

When it comes to preventing damage to your outdoor lighting, Ottawa Landscape Lighting has it all.  From quality materials that resist the elements, to intelligent lighting placement, to a solid warranty, we’ve got you covered. Install a top-notch landscape lighting system today, contact Ottawa Landscape Lighting to receive a free, no obligation quote from one of our lighting experts.

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