Gain Attention Grabbing Gazebos with Landscape Lighting Ottawa

Gazebos are a unique, eye-grabbing feature of your yard – but only if you're letting them live up to their full potential. If your gazebo disappears once the street lamps are lit and the sun makes its journey toward the East each day, then you're missing out on a valuable asset to your outdoor lighting services and property. You're also missing out on an enjoyable place for after dark socialization. Landscape Lighting Ottawa wants to help you grasp onto this unique feature of your property with our gazebo lighting techniques. Read on to find out how you can incorporate your gazebo into your Landscape Lighting Ottawa services.

Why bother with gazebo lighting techniques?
There are a couple of reasons to illuminate your gazebo. The first, and most important, is that your gazebo most likely takes up a major section of your yard, regardless of how large your property is. A gap of darkness of that size is a major hole in your security and safety outdoor lighting services. When you neglect to include your gazebo in your Landscape Lighting Ottawa services, what you're really saying to possible intruders is: "here's a good hiding spot for you, welcome to my home." And, if you ever want to enjoy the gazebo after dark, or even just walk through it, the steps into the structure are a major tripping hazard if left in shadow.

Secondly, a gazebo offers you the complete enjoyment and use of your backyard. When you illuminate your gazebo with Landscape Lighting Ottawa services, you're giving yourself an extended period of time in which your gazebo can be used for social gatherings or just to relax. A gazebo is a beautiful place to have a few drinks with friends, but it's also a perfect resting place for the avid readers in your family.

Begin with the interior
Illuminating the interior of the gazebo is enough to radiate light and remove hiding spots for possible trespassers. Consider voltage in your gazebo lighting techniques. It doesn't take much light to enhance safety and security. Low voltage lighting from Landscape Lighting Ottawa inside the structure will create a relaxing ambience that won't strain the eyes after walking through a night-time backyard. If you do have a reader in the family, though, make sure it's bright enough for reading.

Consider using a single lamp in the center of the ceiling to light the interior. Light that comes from your exterior gazebo outdoor lighting services will spill into the interior and help brighten the space.

Exterior gazebo lighting techniques
To focus on the safety of the structure first, include well lights around the perimeter of the gazebo, particularly at the steps. These will show users exactly where the gazebo platform ends, if there is one.

Then consider what look you'd like to achieve with your lights. This will determine whether you use up lights or down lights from Landscape Lighting Ottawa. Down lights won't light up the roof of the structure. They will offer a more controlled lighting that will roam into the interior of the gazebo less than up lighting would.

Up lighting, on the other hand, with wash lights or spotlights can contribute to the brightness inside the gazebo, and offer beautiful shadows and silhouettes. Up lighting is less controlled than down lighting, so you may suffer some light pollution.

How you light up your gazebo will depend on the unique architectural qualities of the structure. Contact Landscape Lighting Ottawa today to receive a complimentary quote and professional advice on your specific requirements.




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