5 Tips to Maintain Your Landscape Lighting this Spring

With spring in the air, the warming March sun isn't the only thing lighting your lawn. In this bright new season, your landscape lighting will need a little extra maintenance to avoid damage. There are simple tasks to work into your routine to ensure your fixtures don't need replacing too soon. The winter months have done their best to wear away at your outdoor lighting, but you can stop the wear and tear from going any further.

Tip #1: Remove Salt
Salt may be great for removing snow, but it does a poor job of maintaining the beauty and functionality of your landscape lighting services. Salt erodes materials quickly, causing major damage to your fixtures if left to rest. If you haven't been clearing the snow from your fixtures periodically, it's time to do a good scrub down before spring hits in full force. Spend a little time cleaning off the glass and metal work of your Landscape Lighting Ottawa fixtures with a soft, clean cloth and gentle soap.

If more salt is necessary before the warm weather finally sticks around, avoid the area around your fixtures. If this isn't possible, wipe your fixtures down after each salt application.

Tip #2: Place Your Fixtures Thoughtfully
The appropriate placement of your landscape lighting fixtures relies on more than just the aesthetic and security values. When you are strategizing, think also of the safety of your lights. Areas with frequent foot traffic or in areas that are regularly fertilized are likely to be damaging to your lights. It's easy to kick a light accidentally when the fixture is in the middle of a walkway, and while one or two kicks may not cause too much damage, after several swipes the light could be beyond repair.

Fertilizer, snow, water, and other natural elements can also do severe damage to your fixtures. Try placing your lights in areas of your lawn that don't see as much of these substances as other areas. If you do have to place your lights in a spot that gets a healthy dose of fertilization, make sure to clean the light as soon as you have completed the application.

Tip #3: Careful When Mowing

For most homeowners, this tip goes without saying, but it never hurts to have a friendly reminder. When you're mowing your lawn, go easy around the landscape lighting fixtures that are closer to the grass. Using a push reel mower can help you in areas such as this. The human-powered machine goes gentler on your grass, and offers you more control so that when you're clipping near the fixtures, you don't accidentally mow your lights instead.

Tip #4: Maintain Clarity and Cleanliness
As mentioned above, the importance of cleanliness for your landscape lighting fixtures cannot be underestimated. You can dramatically improve and extend the lifespan of your fixtures if you clean them even just once a week. All you need is a mild dish detergent, glass cleaner, a bucket of water, and a soft, clean cloth. These supplies mixed with some elbow grease should do a fine job of keeping you from having to bring in landscape lighting services to fix damage.

Tip #5: Invest in Premium Landscape Lighting Services
When it comes to landscape lighting services, there's no such thing as being over prepared. Because landscape lighting is outside, you want to invest in the highest quality of fixtures in order to obtain longevity and excellence. Landscape Lighting Ottawa has a wide array of fixtures to suit every need. But Landscape Lighting Ottawa services aren't just about aesthetics. We offer a lifetime maintenance guarantee so that you can relax knowing your landscape lighting is in good hands to ensure many years of enjoyment. 

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