LED Outdoor Lights Not Just For Christmas

You want a beautiful yard where you can relax or entertain day or night, but you also want to be friendly to the environment and save on your electricity bill. LED lights have increasingly created more versatile options for outdoor lighting that are both attractive and energy efficient.

Outdoor lighting often serves many purposes from security to safety to esthetics.  Utilizing timers, motion sensors, and solar light options all conserve energy, but have you looked into LED lighting? LED lights are most popular in Christmas lights, so some people consider LED lights tacky, but new innovations in outdoor lighting might just change your mind!

The benefits of LED lighting:

LED’s live up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and can add up to significant savings.

LEDs are easier to install and are more energy efficient. Because they use less energy, they are able to utilize alternate energy sources such as solar power making them even more efficient.

LED lights come in multiple colours which makes them perfect for decoration and emphasis.

LED lights are easy to install and come in “ropes” which are actually cables. This allows you to arrange them in patterns or string them far away as only one end of the rope needs a power source.

 LED lights are small so can be used as points of light, to highlight contours, and go where other lights might not be able to go. Need to illuminate outdoor stairs, a pathway, or railing, rope lights are a fun and attractive option.

LED lights are easily waterproofed so can be placed where other outdoor light options can’t go.

Some Ideas For LED Rope Lighting

Walkways – Why not use rope lights to highlight a pathway or sidewalk edge. Use a blue or some other colour that’s not as start as white to add atmosphere.

Steps and Stairs – Need to know where the stairs are, where a step on the deck leads to a lower level, why not use rope lighting under or along an edge. Use a soft white or coloured strand for different effects.

Garden Edges – Rope lights along a rock border or other edging really draws the eye. This is great for a front garden and curb appeal at night.

Decks – More than steps and stairs, use rope lighting along rails, deck seating, or wrap around pillars or posts. The soft LED lighting adds a lot of ambiance without being obtrusive.

Pools and Docks – Use rope lighting to highlight the edge of a pool or dock? Not only does this increase the safety of the area, but with some colour or unique placement can add a romantic or Hollywood flair to the space.

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