Escape Suburbia with Ottawa Landscape Lighting

Your backyard should be your oasis. It should have a natural, relaxing ambience that lets you escape from the pollution and stress of city life. Fortunately, your Ottawa landscape lighting may be adjusted to help you do just that. Outdoor lighting services, in many ways, create the atmosphere of your yard. If you want to have a woodsy feel to your property, Ottawa landscape lighting is one of the core attributes to alter to create that feeling. Landscape Lighting Ottawa is here to help it happen.

Focus on the trees
If you want to produce a forest atmosphere, the first thing you want to remember is to focus on nature. Add your lighting around the base of trees, within foliage. Use subtle amber hues in this Ottawa landscape lighting to replicate the sunset beaming on your trees. Try to hide the fixtures as best you can so that the source of the light appears as natural as possible.

Capture the moon
Next, capture the moon with your Landscape Lighting Ottawa fixtures. As the moon and stars are the only lights for the forest, so too can they be for your yard. Position fixtures within the branches of your trees. These should be high in the foliage and beaming down on the ground. The muted illumination will dance through the leaves to create dappled light patterns and shadows below. If you have several trees in your yard, you'll be able to produce enough light to fairly brighten your lawn while maintaining the forest atmosphere.

You can bring blues or silvery blue into your outdoor lighting services with moonlighting, as well. If you have a pond near one of your trees, play with the position of the fixtures so that the light reflects off the surface of the water. The light bouncing across the ripples will transport you to a forest clearing beside a bubbling stream.

Avoid bright whites
Nothing seems less like natural lighting than bright white Ottawa landscape lighting. Avoid bright lights if possible, as these will entirely detract from the forest ambience of your Landscape Lighting Ottawa.

As mentioned, ambers, blues, and silvery blues can be used. Green hues also create beautiful effects when used among foliage. If you choose the right green, it can look just like the sun or moonlight hitting the surface of the leaf and shining through.

Invite the island
It's time to bring the island to your yard to complete the effect of your outdoor lighting services. Tiki lamps from Landscape Lighting Ottawa will allow you to introduce the island atmosphere to your property. These fixtures use real flames on wicks that produce flickering shadows and contribute to the brightness of your yard.

Though you'll want most of your Landscape Lighting Ottawa fixtures to be invisible in order to build the forest ambience, Tiki lamps may remain visible without subtracting from your design. In fact, they enhance the feeling of a wilderness oasis.

Realize your destination dreams with Landscape Lighting Ottawa without having to leave your backyard. Receive your estimate for outdoor lighting services to begin illuminating your property.




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