Night Lighting Tips For Your Flower Garden

After putting so much work into making your flower garden beautiful, you'll want to make sure you can enjoy your hard work even at night.  Knowing how to light up your garden at night can be tough, though, especially if many of your plants are quite small.  Use an Ottawa landscape lighting service, like Nutri-Lawn, and these tips to make sure that your garden is always a brilliant display.

Light From Above
To light up your garden from above, use down lights in a nearby tree.  With proper placement of the down-light within the tree's branches, you can create a moonlight effect.  This offers softer, more elegant illumination to your flowers, and can cast lovely shadows for depth.

Spotlights for Trees
If you're not into the moonlight feeling, you may want to try spotlighting.  This works with your trees to create silhouettes, and to shed light on the surrounding beds.  Try using a slightly lower voltage than you might in other fixtures of your Ottawa landscape lighting service to avoid harsh, stark glares on your delicate flowers.  Also remember that spotlights or up lighting won't work on the flowers themselves, because of their shorter height.  These fixtures only do their job well on taller features, like trees or garden walls.

Tiki Lamps for a Candlelight Effect
Flower gardens carry a romantic atmosphere at night when lit properly.  If you want to enhance this, try out our tiki lights.  These fixtures provide a natural, candlelight effect for romance and enchantment.  Scattering these fixtures throughout the garden will offer soft illumination on your flowers from above, as well as cast intriguing shadows as the light flickers.  

Tiki lamps work well to light decks, around pools, and paths, as well.  They're perfect for garden parties at night, and barbecues as they prevent harsh glares.  However, be aware that if you want lights for security purposes, you will need to use other light fixtures, as well.

Well Lights Enhance Your Ottawa Landscape Lighting Service
The best way to light your flowers from below is to get lights that sink into the ground.  Some people use mushroom lights, but in ground well lights work extraordinarily well for affording your flowers a little grandeur in their illumination.  The upward light, as it does on a tree, enhances and accentuates the height of the flowers, and plays with silhouettes of the pedals. 

These fixtures work perfectly to light up garden paths, as well.  If you're going to light a pathway with these lights, make sure to use enough to safely light the path, without using too many.  The most attractive way of doing this is to stagger the lights, rather than place them in a straight line, which can look like an airplane tarmac rather than a natural garden path.

Accentuate Fixtures
Statuary, fountains, and gazebos cannot be ignored when you design your Ottawa landscape lighting service. These can act as little, warm beacons in the night for visitors, and also function as light areas for security purposes.  If you're lighting a fountain, try playing with the effects of the water so the light shimmers off the surface to create a truly enigmatic feel.  Statues look gorgeous with up lights, which draw shadows and textures in the carving.  Light a gazebo with deck lighting so that you can continue making use of it at night with your family and friends.

To begin forging your perfect night time flower garden, contact Nutri-Lawn for the best Ottawa landscape lighting service today!  

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