Painting With Landscape Lighting

Ever thought of your landscape lighting as a painting? Painters don’t always just create designs in bold swaths but in subtleties of shadow and light and colour, and they also add nuance with different textures and depth. Your outdoor lighting designs can have the same artistry. Your landscape is a canvas and the outdoor lighting the paint and brush!

The artist plays with textures, contrast, shadows, light and shapes. These are maximized in great landscape lighting design. A great layout serves a function, but it can also evoke emotions. So whether you’re looking to light up a space where you can relax, entertain, celebrate, or show off or all of the above, the outdoor lighting experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa can help.

Gone are the days where a floodlight and bright lanterns are considered thoughtful landscape lighting design. Especially with the versatility and growing affordability of LED technology, designers are able to incorporate a lot more artistry into their designs. With soft transitions and gradations, great design can draw the eye from one zone to another without compromising the need to light areas for safety.

The rising trend is to hide the fixture where the light originates so that the illumination feels organic and natural. The trend is for unobtrusive lighting. This can come from above as ethereal moonlighting or from the ground with pathway or accent lighting. Our experts can help identify the features that will create the best contrast and focal points for night lighting making the most of your landscaping efforts.

With more homeowners investing in outdoor kitchens and living spaces to maximize space, they’re looking to install artistic landscape lighting. Smaller accent lights are more popular than large single sources of light. Consider adding lights to columns or in water, under benches and railings. Use different colours to maximize the aesthetics so you can go from a romantic private retreat to loud get together in a weekend.

Tips for artistic landscape lighting design:

Blending – The light ideally blends from one zone to another without causing glare or leaving important safety features too dim.

Depth – Place lighting on objects that are close to the home and a little further away to give some depth the nighttime landscape. Adding lights to features that move is popular such as an uplight on an interesting tree with full foliage.

Focal point – There are aspects of your landscape that you love more than others, so highlighting these focal points at night makes a lot of sense. These focal points could be statues, fountains or ponds, gazebos or arbors. Even interesting fencing looks great at night with the right light to create an eye-catching backdrop.

Balance – Sometimes balance is simply symmetry. If you light the three trees on the left side of the pool, you’ll want the same treatment on the other side if possible. Balance means consistency and proportion with light and shadow.

Safety – You don’t have to compromise on safety to have artistic landscape lighting. Ensure that pathways, stairs, docks, pools, ponds, and other features are properly lit.

The outdoor lighting experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa are here to answer your questions or help you design a truly unique lighting design for your home or business.Contact our lighting expertsto learn more about our lighting services or view our gallery of one-of-a-kind designs.

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