Beautify Your Backyard with Landscape Lighting

We've all seen spectacular photos of landscape lighting designs on the front of homes and properties. But what about backyard lighting ideas? Is landscape lighting reserved only for front doors and drives?


Ottawa landscape lighting systems can be installed throughout your property, providing you with multi-faceted and functional spaces wherever you wish. Improve the ambiance at your next backyard barbeque or add a romantic glow to your upcoming patio dinner party with a pleasing backyard Ottawa landscape lighting design from Nutri-Lawn.

The Benefits of Backyard Landscape Lighting
Enjoy your backyard all evening long with landscape lighting. Here are just a few of the reasons why backyard landscape lighting is a great investment.

Improved Appearance and Usability
A professional backyard lighting design can enhance almost any landscape, be it a sprawling estate or a small urban landscape. A backyard landscape lighting system helps magnify textures, draw attention to depth, and enhance unique features. Through the use of different lighting hues and intensities, you can turn your backyard into the perfect entertaining area for parties, intimate occasions, and much, much more.

Avoid the Shadows
Another primary benefit of backyard Ottawa landscape lighting is safety. Backyards are often full of shadows and possible hazards – steps, low tree branches, elevation changes, and other unexpected obstacles – making the space unusable unless lit. A professional Ottawa landscape lighting system will help eliminate these inconveniences, enabling you to enjoy your backyard long after the sun has set.

A backyard lighting system will also help protect your property from unwanted guests. Typically, many individuals use their backyard as a storage area for expensive items. This can include patio furniture, lawn ornaments, and sports equipment. An Ottawa landscape lighting system in your backyard can safeguard your belongings from unexpected accidents by deterring thieves and providing a clear view during the night of who's on your property.

Backyard Lighting Tips
Planning and preparation are key when it comes to creating a great backyard landscape lighting design. Before you buy your first fixture, it's important that you ask yourself what your purposes are for wanting to illuminate your property. Are there specific features that you would like to highlight? Are there boundaries that you would like to delineate? Make note of these details and be sure to bring them up when discussing your Ottawa landscape lighting system with one of our lighting technicians.

Having trouble getting your creative juices flowing? Sketching your yard might help. In your sketch, remember to include existing lights, buildings, vegetation, and any other major items. Each of these things will reflect or absorb light in one way or another; noting their location will help ensure that your Ottawa lighting system is designed in a manner that will maximize illumination.

Pay Special Attention to These Areas
There are literally dozens of areas worth illuminating in your backyard. Big ticket items to pay attention to include paths and walkways, patios and decks, and gardens or landscaped areas. Pools are also a fantastic feature to highlight, as are gazebos, ponds, or fountains. These items will take centre stage in your Ottawa landscape lighting design. Support lighting will provide additional depth and ambiance, completing the overall effect.

From there, contact one of our expert lighting installers for a free onsite consultation. Our team members have an eye for detail and years of landscape lighting experience under their belts. Let them unleash their talents on your backyard today.

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