Doís and Doníts of Landscape Lighting

Whether you’re a seasoned or first time homeowner, knowing exactly how to place your outdoor lighting services in Ottawa can be tough. Landscape Lighting Ottawa wants to help you figure out the complexities. Of course, practice always makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to adjust your outdoor lighting plan several times before you arrive at the final product.

To get you started, here are some dos and don’ts that we always keep in mind for our Landscape Lighting outdoor lighting services. Follow these tips from Landscape Lighting Ottawa, and you’ll be well on your way to having an incredible outdoor lighting system for your property.

Do: Layer Your Outdoor Lighting
Layering in your outdoor lighting services in Ottawa adds complexity and dimension. Layering can be done by shining several fixtures on a single point. For instance, many spotlights on a tree or a statue will create beautiful shadows, silhouettes, and layered lighting on and around the statue.

Don’t: Neglect the Second Floor
If you have a second or third story, make sure you focus your lights on these just as much as on your main floor. Neglecting to shine your Landscape Lighting outdoor lighting services on your second floor will result in a strange darkness above a well-lit ground floor.

Do: Fill in the Gaps
When you’re planning your outdoor lighting, make sure you fill in the gaps. Light up the small, dark spaces that most people would ignore. These areas may not be central focal points for your home, but they are ideal hiding spots for trespassers. Increase the security of your home, and contribute to the dignity of your home’s overall façade by lighting up even the smallest dark gaps.

Don’t: Assume Conventional is Best
Conventional halogen lights are still pretty common in outdoor lighting services in Ottawa. But, it’s time to catch up with the times. Changing to LEDs will entirely change your Landscape Lighting outdoor lighting services for the better. Your lights will be more energy efficient, saving you money, and saving pollution from entering the environment.

Do: Pay Attention to Your Home
Focus your outdoor lighting on your home. Find the focal points in your home’s architecture and accentuate them with your Landscape Lighting outdoor lighting services. Areas such as pillared porches, blank walls, and sculpted eaves are great areas to accent.

Not only does this turn your home into an edifice of wonder and beauty after night falls, but it also offers security and safety. Removing darkness around your home will reduce the number of spaces in which unwanted visitors may be shielded.

Don’t: Overestimate Potential
Your home is a treasury of potential, but only insofar as you follow and understand its limitations. Everything has limitations and boundaries. These aren’t weaknesses, but only the signs of each home’s unique personality. Accent the strengths of your home, and don’t try to light in a way that won’t work with your home’s virtues. Work with the limitations of your home, rather than against them. Landscape Lighting Ottawa can help you find and take advantage of your home’s virtues and boundaries.

Do: Embrace Subtle Lighting
Our final tip is to enjoy subtle lighting, and to avoid over lighting. Don’t light your house and driveway so bright that it looks like it would fit better as a beacon for ships on a dark sea rather than a welcoming home in an Ottawa neighbourhood. Light enough to add safety, but not so much that your electricity bill is through the roof.

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