Landscape Lighting Service Techniques

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your home, you may be interested in a landscape lighting service for your front yard.  Once you figure out what you’re looking to achieve with your landscape lighting effects, you can decide on techniques.  Keep in mind mood, safety, focal points to highlight, as well as whether or not you want to accentuate features like steps, the driveway, or garden art when designing your lighting plan.  At Landscape Lighting Ottawa, we can help you plan the perfect design for your yard.  Below, we have provided a few techniques to help you get an idea of what you can do with exterior illumination.

  1. Architectural
    Multiple fixtures illuminate the area without highlighting particular focal points.
  2. Down Lighting and Up Lighting
    Lighting from above, or below, to enhance a particular aspect of the landscape.  This is also great for security, while keeping a pleasing aesthetic quality.
  3. Grazing
    By placing the fixture near the surface you wish to illuminate, you can highlight the texture. 
  4. Moon Lighting
    By placing lights either within, or below the tree, allowing light to pass through the leaves, you can create a beautiful moonlight effect.  This is very natural and pleasing to the eye.
  5. Hardscape
    With this technique, you have the option of combining other techniques as well, such as moonlighting and down lighting, in order to illuminate a hard surface in your landscape design.
  6. Pathway
    This is optimal for security and safety, as it allows you and your visitors to see where to walk at night.  It also provides a very nice aesthetic quality.
  7. Security
    Low level and accent lighting allows a higher degree of security as it illuminates your yard without creating a glare.  This is great if you want to keep an eye on your surroundings from within your house.  Landscape Lighting Ottawa can help you figure out how to do this perfectly based on the unique features of your home.
  8. Shadowing
    This landscape lighting service projects against focal points of your landscape to create shadows against vertical surfaces.  This is a traditional technique that remains classically appealing.
  9. Wall Washing
    Varying based on fixture placement and spacing, this evenly illuminates a surface or large focal points.
  10. Underwater
    Spotlighting as well as softer lighting can be used below the surface of a pond or fountain to create a mystical and beautiful look.  This also increases safety as it allows any visitors to see an area of water that they may not have known of before.  Talk to a Landscape Lighting Ottawa expert today to accentuate your pond or fountain in an exciting way.
  11. Silhouetting
    Place a light behind your focal point to create beautiful backlighting within your landscape lighting service.  Great for allowing trees or other elements to stand out.
  12. Spot Lighting
    If you wish to strongly highlight a specific focal point, spot lighting from above or below may be the best choice.  With a narrow beam concentrated on the object, you can draw attention to sculptures, statues, or other landscape features beautifully.

Contact a Landscape Lighting Ottawa expert today to help design your perfect landscape lighting service!

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