Gorgeous Landscape Lighting Without The Light Pollution

When you hear the word pollution what comes to mind? Chances are you’re envisioning vehicle exhaust, smoke stacks, and smog. But did you know that your landscape lighting can also produce pollution? While not being nearly as harmful as pollution from a factory, light pollution still affects those around you. At Landscape Lighting Ottawa, our experienced lighting experts ensure that your property is beautifully lit in a responsible and appealing way. Believe us, the last thing we want to do is annoy the neighbours!

What Is “Light Pollution”
Light pollution is caused when landscape lighting infringes on areas where it is unwanted. For example, your neighbor's front lawn, inside your living room, or through your bedroom window making it difficult to sleep! This is referred to as “light trespass.” There are many terms associated with light pollution. For example, sky glow, which occurs when there is widespread light pollution. Imagine a city sky line. The night sky ends up being illuminated by the abundance of man-made lighting throughout the city. While unavoidable on a city wide scale, there are things we can do on a home by home basis to reduce sky glow. Another light pollution term is “glare.” Glare occurs when a landscape light is offensively bright, making it difficult to take in your surroundings. Flood lights, sports field lighting, and parking lot lights often result in a lot of glare.

How to Avoid Light Pollution
Our experienced lighting experts have been customizing landscape lighting for years. Designing and installing landscape lighting across Ottawa and the area that responds to your needs in an aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive way is our speciality. Avoiding light pollution involves a number of strategic decisions. The strength, the colour, the orientation, and the location are just some of the considerations that go into reducing light pollution.

Showing Off Your Property the Smart Way
Not all landscape lighting creates light pollution. We will work with you to create the look you desire, in an intelligent way. Oftentimes our clients want to show off their fantastic homes and beautiful landscaping, and we don’t blame them! The purpose of landscape lighting is to enhance the look of your entire property. To achieve the best results without risking light pollution, we make careful design decisions. For starters, instead of illuminating everything, we get selective. Using task specific lighting, we employ lights of all different styles and strengths to achieve the desired effect.

Our lighting experts make use of flexible fixtures that are able to direct light to a specific location. Shields, and hoods are used on lights to prevent glare and light trespass. Furthermore, we make sure that some lights are programmed to turn off when they aren’t necessary. At Landscape Lighting Ottawa we have your best interest at heart, as well as your wallet. Light pollution doesn’t just take a toll on your eyes, but also on your budget. By using the right amount of light you will be saving money every day.


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