Secure Your Home With Ottawa Landscape Lighting

One of the myriad benefits of Ottawa landscape lighting is that it works beautifully to dissuade trespassers from entering your property. Security is often one of the first things we think about at night, when darkness brings with it shadow and mystery. You can get rid of those eerie shadows with landscape lighting. Find out tips from the pros at Landscape Lighting by Nutri-Lawn.

Up lighting shadowy walls
What could hinder an intruder more than having every possible entry to your home brilliantly lit up? Up light the exterior walls of your home to eradicate shadows and dark spaces that could welcome an especially nimble intruder. Up lights placed periodically around your home, particularly in areas where there are shadows or possible entryways, will be enough to deter a burglar.

Up lighting is particularly good for trees and architectural features around your home. If you're using up lighting Ottawa landscape lighting fixtures for security, use them to accent these features of your home in order to maintain an aesthetically pleasing quality.

Light up the lawn with landscape lighting services
If you don't like the idea of using up lighting in your landscape lighting services, you can accomplish the same thing with down lighting. Down lighting offers a broader beam of light across your lawn. Don't rule out the idea of using both up and down lighting to grant more security as well as layered complexity. 

Down lighting fixtures provides ambient landscape lighting that makes your deck and porch more useful after sunset, but it also washes illumination across your lawn. A lawn illuminated by down lighting is not appealing to intruders, who won't want to run the risk of being seen.

Light up the dark spaces
Are there any dark corners in your yard? Spaces in between the trees and the house where no one ever walks? Those are the perfect places for a trespasser to enter. It's time to get rid of those dark gaps and light them up with landscape lighting in Ottawa. Any shadowy spot that is neglected by your landscape lighting is a spot that a burglar can use for his or her advantage.

One of the best ways to find this is by taking a mini tour of your lawn at night. The beam could actually miss an area that you thought you covered when you made your landscape lighting plan. Walk around the lawn and take note of the dark spaces that could be used to an intruder's advantage. From there, you can talk to a Landscape Lighting by Nutri-Lawn Ottawa specialist to figure out how your landscape lighting services may be adjusted to fill the gap.

Keep up landscape lighting in Ottawa when away
Summer is a great time to visit the cottage or family in other cities. That means that it's also a great time for the business of burglary. If you go away this summer, make sure you keep your landscape lighting on. It may seem like a pain to spend the money on hydro, but keeping a running schedule of lights when you're away for a week or two could save you money on replacing stolen valuables and broken windows.

At this time, it may not be necessary to turn on the path lights, fountain lights, and other landscape lighting services that are for safety or aesthetics. The lights that are most necessary are those that are lighting up your home for neighbours to see, or that make it appear like someone could be home. Deck lights may be useful to keep on, to trick intruders into believing someone may be on the deck for an after-dinner nightcap before bed.

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