How to Uniquely Illuminate Your Patio

It can be difficult to light up a patio in a unique way that displays the personality of the homeowner. Your Ottawa landscape lighting will be limited to how your patio is designed and landscaped, but that doesn't mean you have to be constricted. Every patio has beautiful aspects that can be accentuated to make your patio look like an oasis in the night. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa landscape lighting will help you find the personality of your deck. But first, read on for ideas about how your outdoor lighting can enrich your patio's style.

String in the stars
There's nothing more romantic than bringing the stars to your doorstep. You can do this on your patio by stringing lights across from one high peak to another, and interlacing them to create a lattice pattern. This landscape lighting technique will mimic the appearance of stars and provide a more romantic ambience to your patio.

If you don't want to deal with string lighting, or if you have few high peaks from which to work, consider using your outdoor lighting to manufacture a moonlighting effect in your trees. Moonlighting is produced with down lights shining from several different positions within the tree, using low-voltage lighting. The plays of light will make your guests think your patio is being lit from the moon and stars above.

Bring fairyland to your garden
If you have a garden surrounding your patio, make use of it to brighten your seating area. Positioning lights within the bushes will offer softer lighting, as well as generate lovely patterns in the shadows and silhouettes among the foliage. This landscape lighting may also be used to form a fairyland appearance in your flowerbeds. The soft, glittering lights scattered throughout the lower foliage of your garden to conceal the outdoor lighting fixture will show only bundles of light, almost like a fairy gathering. It's a beautiful way to grant mystique and enchantment to your garden party. Children will also have particular fun inventing tales of the fairy community in your backyard.

Under light the base of furniture
A great way to provide a subtle, gentle glow is by using your landscape lighting fixtures underneath patio installations. This can't be used underneath movable furniture, only permanently fixed objects, such as counters and fixed in tabletops.

Lighting up the undercarriage of permanent furniture creates a more interesting illumination than the usual landscape lighting techniques. It will also increase the safety of your guests walking around your patio, by highlighting exactly where the edge of objects is and the foot space available for walking.

In terms of aesthetics, under lighting offers a gorgeous glow. Play with different coloured lenses to make the effect more intriguing. What colour palette is most common on your patio? Do you have specifically coloured flowers in the surrounding flowerbeds? Bring in the colours that already exist in your lawn and garden to strengthen landscape lighting.

Capture the Caribbean
Wish you were sitting on a tropical beach instead of an Ottawa patio? Bring the Caribbean islands to your backyard with your outdoor lighting. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa landscape lighting offers Tiki lamps. These real flickering flames give off the tropical vibes with shadows that dance mysteriously across your garden and walls. Don't be fooled by the diminutive flame. These lamps aren't just a pretty addition – they offer an efficient amount of landscape lighting to add to the safety and security of your patio as well.

If you're anxious to beautify your patio with outdoor lighting this summer, get your complimentary estimate from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa landscape lighting services today.






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