Prepare Your Ottawa Landscape Lighting for Fall

The colour of the leaves is turning, days are shortening, and the temperatures are dropping dramatically. Fall is here and it's time to prepare your Ottawa landscape lighting for fall. Fall maintenance for your residential outdoor lighting isn't complex. All it takes is a little adjustment from your spring and summer routines. Landscape Lighting Ottawa can help you create a fall maintenance routine that will keep your residential outdoor lighting safe over winter.

Keep leaves clear
As the trees become barren, make sure to keep the leaves off your Ottawa landscape lighting. Leaves may allow dampness to accumulate on your fixtures and cause damage. Leaves will also cover your fixtures so that you can no longer see them, creating a serious danger zone when you mow your lawn.

On a functional and aesthetic level, leaf covering over your residential outdoor lighting fixtures prevents your landscaping from gaining the full effect of your beam. Leaves can reduce the level of safety and security that your Landscape Lighting Ottawa system can offer.

Straighten leaning fixtures
Over the summer, with foot traffic and landscaping, your landscape lighting can easily topple over as much as the Leaning Tower. Walk through your yard and right leaning fixtures to restore order to your residential outdoor lighting. You may need to right these fixtures again in the spring, as similar disrepair can occur throughout the winter months.

Buff scratches out
While you're walking through your yard straightening fixtures, check for scratches on the lenses. This is a great time to buff the scratches out or to replace the lenses altogether. If there are any scratches on the frames or fixtures themselves, be sure to get these out as well.

Replace fixtures
If you enter winter with flawless landscape lighting for your Ottawa home, you'll have less work waiting for you next spring. During your fall maintenance you may also want to update your fixtures. If you don't already have LEDs, it's time to consider them. LEDs can save you money in the long run and reduce your carbon footprint.

Now is also a good time to alter your Ottawa landscape lighting design. Just like interior design, it's always nice to change up the plan of your residential outdoor lighting from time to time to keep up with your shift in style.

Keep wires safe
It goes without saying that wires are an important part of your landscape lighting, but they're also extremely vulnerable. If your wires are exposed, they're at risk of damage. Bring in a Landscape Lighting Ottawa specialist to cover and maintain wires.

If there are any wires that are torn, damaged, or in a state of disrepair - it's time to repair them. Landscape Lighting Ottawa suggests fixing these issues while they're still new, rather than allowing them to worsen over the winter.

Keep your Ottawa landscape lighting safe from winter damage with fall maintenance. Contact the lighting experts at Landscape Lighting Ottawa for your complimentary estimate today!


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